Absolutely The Most Entertaining Half Hour I have Spent In A Long Time.

My thanks to my buddy Leonard once again.

He sent me the link to this Intellectual Froglegs episode and urged me to watch and share it.

I have to admit I usually balk at watching anything that lasts a half hour unless I am really interested.

A minute and a half in and I remembered why I absolutely love Intellectual Froglegs and was kicking myself in the ass for not watching it more often.

It is in my opinion, OUTSTANDING.

This episode especially.

If for some strange reason you have never heard of it then YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!

It’s a hoot with political commentary thrown in for good measure.

10 thoughts on “Absolutely The Most Entertaining Half Hour I have Spent In A Long Time.

  1. The dude got kicked off so many social media platforms, he had to find a brand
    new one. It took a while to find his new digs, but I finally found him. These
    liberals are so scared shitless about us conservatives, they terminate anyone
    to the right of Mao and Stalin. I sent an Email to a world-class software
    programmer I know. My idea was to set up social media and video sites,
    alternatives to Amazon, and even crowdfunding sites for conservative
    causes. I have yet to hear back from him.

    Imagine you have a 9-year-old daughter or granddaughter who wants a Moana
    costume for Halloween. The radical left spam-botted Amazon with boycott
    threats. Twelve assholes in their parent’s basement generated hundreds
    of thousands of Emails and it did not take much arm-twisting to get that
    leftist cocksucker Jeff Bezos to ban Moana costumes. We have to start
    fighting back even if it means setting up new ISPs to bypass these pricks.

    If we can find alternatives and these alternatives start taking market shares
    from Amazon, Fakebook Screwtube, Twatter, and Gofundme, they will be
    forced to back off or die. These idiots non learn from the Dixie Chicks
    Effect. If you alienate 50 or more fan or user base, you will pay a price!


  2. Frau Gaultier of Michigan just got her socialist cunt kicked to the curb by
    the Michigan Supreme Court. They just ruled her Nazi-like imperial edicts
    to be unconstitutional. Score one for liberty!


  3. I forgot something about this video. It featured a short clip of a Rodger Miller
    song. When I was about four, Miller’s brother or stepbrother was my father’s
    partner in crime (literally!) I have never done a search on a genealogy web-
    site but half of the male members of my family were hung as horse thieves.
    I was too young to remember this, but my mother told me that he came to
    our house many times to keep an eye on his sibling.

    Imagine this, Miller performed with an audience of one (me) when I was four
    years old.



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