5 thoughts on “They Say His Pizza Crust Is The Bomb

  1. Sure looks similar to the old German “potato Mashers” of WWII…
    Newer type? Anybody? Not familiar with this type of ordnance, if that’s what it is.


  2. It could be a Vietnam War Era Russian RKG-3.Parachute (yes parachute) antitank grenade. It has a 4 panel drogue chute that when thrown ensures that the grenade hits the armored vehicle at a 90 Degree angle so the Shaped Charge has maximum effect. Range is 45-75 feet. (And the equivalent of the medal of honor if you actually knocked out an armored vehicle with one). Shaped charges are an inverted cone of explosive copper lined when the charge explodes the cone inverts as a jet of plasma that burns through the armor. More info than you wanted I know. LOL


  3. This reminds me of a friend in Germany who was renovating an old rambling farmhouse in a little village near Potsdam around fifteen years ago. One of the “treasures” he found was a hidden box with a dozen German potato-masher grenades.


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