13 thoughts on “You Know That Sound A Cat Makes Right Before It Hacks Up A Big Ol’ Nasty Hairball?

  1. Gotta be the stupidest idea I’ve seen today (the day is young). This means that some millenials will shell a Jackson or two for this crap.
    I wouldn’t give ’em 2 cents worth.


  2. Nothing beats a good ‘ol peanut butter and jelly sammich, but that looks like it came the south end of a north walking ox… Is that what vegemite looks like Aussie?


    • An Aussie neighbor gave me some of that shit. Vegemite has so
      much sodium chloride in it that nearly it caused my blood pressure to
      peg the fucking meter.


    • Dig the crud out from under your toenails after a 20 mile hike in boots at the height of summer and try that. Not EXACTLY like Marmite/Vegemite but close enough for demonstration purposes.

      One ex-girlfriend of mime reckoned that Marmite/Vegemite had an aftertaste of jizz. I’ll take her word for it without testing the hypothesis, thanks very much.


  3. Cedrex, to see what Vegemite looks like, study a photo of a happy Aussie chick tucking into a slice of toast at brekkie. They are always smiling, as they are getting their Vegemite fix (yes, sadly addictive), loaded with multi B vitamins and a salty tang (but evidently too much for sooky Leonard), giving them impetus to go back to bed and hump their Aussie stud boyfriend, again.


  4. Cedrex, it couldn’t be any worse than the rancid bear grease that (Liver-Eatin’) Deathray rolls in, before visiting his grizzly bear hussy. That mountain lair of his must get pretty funky at times! Still, it’s supposed to keep the mossies bites down, not sure if they can’t get through the grease or if they just can’t stop gagging.


  5. Deathray, well he got the hunt of his life, poor bugger. Mind you, a lot of us would prefer such a death, to one caused by more ‘civilised’ methods, such as a car prang. You’d hope to take the predator that ambushed you, along with you, but you don’t get to write the script. Such is an accepted part of hunting dangerous game, better that than a tick or flea bite killing you, eventually. I hope he gave the bruin indigestion, at the least!


    • Had gotten a moose.
      From the sounds of it he and a buddy made a series of mistakes after that. I don’t know enough about it and would only be speculating on what I’ve heard. Information is sketchy as this is a very recent occurrence.


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