Well That Is An Hour And A Half We Won’t Get Back

Personally I think Trump rattled what little brains Biden has left pretty hard.

Throwing Hunter in his face repeatedly was awesome because now the fucking media won’t be able to keep covering that shit up.

So,if you watched that train wreck of a debate, what do you think?

35 thoughts on “Well That Is An Hour And A Half We Won’t Get Back

  1. Here is what I’m left with.
    – Every time Trump starting putting shells on target, Wallace shut him down either directly by telling him to shut up or by “Moving on”.
    – Trump’s biggest moment was when he asked Joe to name One Law Enforcement group that supports him. Joe couldn’t even LIE about that. He had nothing. That was big.
    – Finally, do I think very many people understand the facts, logic or even the complexity of these topics to even come close to determining who might be best to charge with solving them? NO. Laughingly No. Hysterically laughing No.

    Same old story, people will decide if they are better off than they were in 2016 and that will be the basis for their decision. Those that don’t know the answer to that question will hopefully be too few to make a difference.

    All about the level of fraud.


  2. Trump blew too many opportunities to absolutely pile-drive Slo Joe into oblivion. Maybe he’ll do better on the next one.
    Wallace was an absolute disaster – note that the questions he asked were DEFINITELY slanted towards the Lefturds.
    Joe was most decidedly drugged, if it weren’t for the breaks he would have totally collapsed, and then where would he be?

    Not enough blood, IMHO.


    • Yep, seen anon 3:19 a.m. comment below. I did not read this one before I wrote that. Such an opportunity.

      Not enough blood – we need ‘Thunderdome’ (Two men enter – one man leaves), lol.


  3. I agree with the first two posters, but Biden did a hell of a lot better than I
    thought he would in that he remained mostly coherent. Bite me is still
    a human manure spreader and most of his statements were false. I
    see why his campaign has altered his sleep cycle for weeks. Not a
    sign of Sundowners Syndrome.

    There is a strong possibility that Trump will win in a landslide beyond the
    lefts ability to cheat. The major issues are the stock markets the economy
    and jobs. The markets either exceeded their pre-COVID highs and the
    Dow is clawing its way back despite the COVID lockdown related unem-
    ployment rates. People are already seeing their 401k plans return to
    pre-COVID highs. Without the COVID lockdowns, the unemployment
    rate would be back to where it was.

    The 500-pound gorilla in the room is the riots. Between the COVID lock-
    downs and the arsonists, tons of small and even large businesses will
    never recover. No major food store, department store, or restaurant
    chain will want to return to the Democrat shit hole cities. This happened
    in every city hit by rioting in my lifetime.

    The people in the traditionally blue Rust Belt, industrial and coal states that
    Trump won will remember he brought back their jobs and most of these
    states have had their major urban areas shit hammered by riots. This
    is not going over well with inner-city blacks and Hispanics who are
    scared to death of defunding the police. This should be a perfect storm
    for President Trump!


  4. POTUS came out PISSED THE FUCK OFF and rightfully so, although I don’t know specifics other than “I’m fucking tired of your SHIT!”

    Pedo Joe did better than I thought he would but that’s not saying much. He’s not going to win and every day more and more Americans are getting a clue about the mail in ballot vs. absentee ballot scam.

    I started supporting Trump before the Primary because I looked at the limp-wristed field the GOP had and figured out quickly that Trump was the ONLY candidate that could beat Hillary. What we saw tonight was the FIGHT we need in a candidate who truly loves this country. Now we the people need to get that FIGHT in us if we’re going to win.


  5. I couldn’t watch more than about the first 25 minutes. As soon as I heard Wallace ask his 2nd question (after cutting off Trump and not Slòw Joe, after Slow Joe had veered completely off-topic over the SCOTUS and turned it into an ObamaCare debate), I couldn’t take anymore. I knew Wallace was going to baste Slow Joe’s shriveled nutsac with his tongue the entire shit show.

    Chris Wallace has turned into the Commie-sucking asshole that his father and the rest of the Midiot Whores have always been. Fuck him and his entire bloodline.


    • I didn’t even last 10 minutes which is when I heard Wallace interrupt Trump the first time, just as I predicted he would. I tuned back in a couple times over the course of the debate. Mostly I heard Joe slinging his bullshit about how President Trump lies every time he speaks. That’s all the Demonrats have got.

      If I were a Demonrat that was part of the story that came out yesterday about the Flynn frameup, Hitlery inventing the Russia hoax and Obatshit approving the plan IN THE OVAL OFFICE, I’d be shutting up and finding a hole to hide in.


  6. Complete shit show, as someone on CNN has already said. Biden remained calm and made Trump look like a nasty, mean stereotypical (according to libtards) Republican. I’d make a comment about Wallace but it might be construed as mean and nasty. I’ll just say, Fox news needs to unload his ass.

    End result is that the “debate” did nothing to change anyone’s mind.

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  7. Watched for about 15 minutes and turned it off, wallace is a shill and biden must have had red bull with the mental drugs, he was actually coherent, but I agree with B.C., it was a wash.

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  8. Trump lost a great opportunity for explaining why he won’t agree to concede the election results quickly.

    “I’ve watched myself and family get dragged through the mud in the media for an investigation on Russia influence in 2016. I’ve seen friends targeted by our LEO for helping me. After the results proved innocent, did I receive an apology from the media and others for these lies ? No, i did not. The politicians who claimed they have seen the evidence with their own eyes – why haven’t they been asked why they don’t produce it. Congress had their own investigation – same result. Now I find out that not only did the previous administration know about this, they helped it along.


    That is why I won’t concede an election immediately if it doesn’t go my way. I am already aware of the desperation they have to get me out of here. I don’t trust them one damn bit and neither should you !!”

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  9. Total S&*T show. No one won a damn thing last night. I should have watched the Yankees/Indians wildcard game instead.
    I will say thins, Trump saved Biden on numerous occasions. Biden would start to struggle and Trump would interject saving him. Trump needs to let Biden talk. Everyone knows he is suffering onset dementia….let it out on nation wide live t.v. Biden can barley hang on for a hour and a half…Trump does 2 hour speeches at his rallies. Let nature take its course.


  10. I read a comment online that Trump wasn’t “Presidential”.
    That’s exactly why the fuck I voted for the guy last time. It’s a big FU to the entire political establishment, otherwise known as the Deep Throat..er State.
    He ain’t no politician, but he gets shit done.

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    • I did not vote for a fucking Boy Scout. Even though Trump was
      an unknown factor at the time and my primary concern was that
      if Felonia von Pantsuit got to replace Antonin Scalia she would
      have 4 to 8 years to complete Ubangi’s fundamental trans-
      formation. As luck would have it, Trump gets 3 SCOTUS
      appointments and more after he wins reelection.

      Trump has an MBA and a degree in economics but it was his
      business experience that mattered most. Even the most con-
      servative economists in America often fall for false assumptions.
      The economy can overheat so we have to slow things down
      The market mavins panic if a frog farts in Central Park. Trump
      proved them all wrong! The economy and the stock markets
      took off like a skyrocket when he cut taxes and regulations.
      Ubangi so pooched the economy that it was like a bull in
      rodeo and Trump pulled the rope on the chute and let that
      sucker go. (Frank Zappa song reference) As you said, he
      gets shit done.

      PJ O’Rourke quote on the economy to follow. I was in my
      early teens when the Dow hit 100. The Dow was approaching
      30,000 before the Chinese Kung Flu hit us. That means that
      the Dow (a good measure for the economy and jobs) was
      up 293 times what it was in 1972.

      “Collectivism doesn’t work because it’s based on a faulty economic
      premise. There is no such thing as a person’s fair share of wealth.
      The gross national product is not a pizza that must be carefully
      divided because if I get too many slices, you have to eat the box.
      The economy is expandable and, in any practical sense, limitless.”


  11. After looking forward to it for five months, I turned it off after five minutes. It was like watching The View with two less people on stage and twice the vitriol.

    When they started talking over each other repeatedly and I couldn’t figure out what was being said, I decided it was a waste of time and I’d just wait for the Highlights Reel.


  12. I had to quit watching as well but I had to witness some of the circus to enjoy my popcorn.

    I was asked me this morning who won. I replied we all lost a lot more last night that its come to this.
    The Romans kept the people entertained with bread and the circus maximus before the empire collapsed. Last night was worse, no roman chariot races.


  13. I had no intention of watching any of it, but my wife wanted to, and it was either listen to it of miss dinner. I’ve always said, “I have people paid to watch it so that I don’t have to”. There are a few pundits left that I respect, so I’ll check them over the next couple of days.
    From the little I did hear, I really liked Trumps comment to Chrissy: “I guess I’m debating you and not him.” I also still like the line from 2016, “He’s not our candidate, he’s our weapon!”


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