PPE Is Strongly Suggested

Unless you want your face ripped off.

This be the real deal kiddos, you will only ever be able to see the Metal Gods in action on video anymore, just like this. It literally broke my heart when K.K. Downing decided to walk away from The Priest because he literally made them the best there ever was.

Pay attention to his solo in this classic and you will see exactly what I am talking about. He is truly a Master of the Whammy Bar like only a handful of musicians still around are.

Right up there with Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour when it comes to squeezing a single note until it howls for mercy.

I have seen Judas Priest at least 3 times since he left the band and it has never even come close to what it used to be.

I was there when Glenn Tipton made his farewell appearance too and it was the Death Knell for The Priest.

Rob Halford and the boys still put on a hell of a show but it will never be the same without those two.

This is still one of my all time favorite tunes and always will be.

Classic Heavy Metal at it’s finest.

9 thoughts on “PPE Is Strongly Suggested

    • I was a teenager living in a little logging town full of Rednecks and the local radio station played Green Manilishi With A Two Pronged Crown off that album twice that I know of. Twice in two days. I called them up, got the name of the band and the album then went downtown and had them order it for me. The rest is history.
      I have to agree with you, it is most definitely one of the best Metal albums ever produced.

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  1. Just got into Metal last year at age 63 listening to Sabaton. Who it just so happens with be touring with Judas Priest next year. So finances permitting I will go and see both bands. Any recommendations on where to start with Judas Priest.

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    • The Point of Entry album is decent, you can start at the beginning of course but the ones I would highly recommend are Unleased in the east and their live album that has a copper colored cover on it. The name escapes me at the moment and I am at work.


  2. Reminds me of the time my grandmother bought an old used Buick, and in the trunk she found a box of LP’s. She decided to play them just to see what they were. She said her favorite was this one called “Hot Rats” by a guy named Frank Zappa. My brother and I just looked at each other and said “It’s a damned good thing she can’t make out the lyrics!”


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