I Wonder If She Is Available Next Tuesday

Maybe she could tear the instrument cluster out of the Caballero for me so I can see if I can fix the bad connections for the gauges on the flexible printed circuit board..

20 thoughts on “I Wonder If She Is Available Next Tuesday

  1. Is it me, or do I see a nipple reveal?

    She’s a keeper, especially since she has muscles, and mechanical (and possibly electrical) abilities. I wonder if she can cook? She’ll arm wrestle ya for housekeeping chores, for sure.

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    • Damn you egorr, now I am going to have to get a tablet ‘puter to suss things out. All I can see is a blond girl (presumably), in a green top, in my 4 x 7cm screen. Are you and Phil in cahoots, earning commission on upgrades to better hardware?


      • They don’t let you have those devices in Covid jail so, save your money.

        Although she seems to have a great body and is attractive, all the ink detracts from those pluses.


    • What is a good Christian boy knows about “Nipple Reveal?” You shouldn’t be looking! You are gonna suffer in sin for that egorr. All the rest of us mongrel sinners are covered, it is our nature and is expected of us, especially the mongrelist of all of us, the one and only Aussie the John. You couldn’t handle a tablet ‘puter John, you would keel over from the porn hub you would discover on it and we will never hear from you again…


      • Is that the place that the Forgotten Weapons channel had to switch to, from Jewtube? I miss watching Gun Jesus and some of the collector pieces I just hanker for, like a Merwin & Hulbert .44 DA revolver, with the 3.5″ and 7″ switch barrel set.


  2. I reckon that Phil ought to start a lonely-hearts club to keep cranky old farts, satisfied old farts, with: a fair* looking sort that can cook, make tasty sangers, do at least ongoing maintenance to a car, has a worthwhile gun collection to share, and no tatts (well maybe a tiny private one) and NO piercings, except standard earring ones. *Lets be practical fellas, what is the girl gonna get out of the deal? I suggest this as a service to Phil’s (single) readers, not for myself, I’m too used to getting the “Uh-oh, axe-murderer alert!” look (before I became a completely clapped-out bedridden old fart) to have any concerns about chasing women.


      • That’s too bad greg
        I’m sure you’re just a nice quiet guy that just like me doesn’t spend his hard earned money on razor blades anymore.😁


      • I am with you greg, I get the what are you looking at and I usually say a nice looking slut… I am old enough and don’t give a fuck enough to worry about their snarling whiny reply. They are only eye candy at this point. I wouldn’t doink ’em even if I had Aussie’s micro- appendage.


  3. Hey Microwaveboy, I must be just too old to worry about that shit anymore. With spring here in tropical north Qld, you don’t need to go to the beach to see plenty of female flesh. Tell us, do you find that ample bear grease application gets you anywhere with mama grizzly bear hussies?


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