3 House Judiciary Dems Hit with Corruption Charges

Three members of the House Judiciary Committee have been hit with an ethics complaint by a nonprofit watchdog, Americans for Public Trust (APT).

The Complaint

The three House Judiciary members named in the complaint are Reps. Madeleine Dean (D-PA), Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), and Lucy McBath (D-GA).

The complaint that was filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) has a laundry list of possible campaign fundraising violations.

Additionally, a complaint was filed against both Dean and McBath with the Federal Election Committee (FEC).

Adam Laxalt, who serves as outside counsel for APT, stated, “All three of these members have engaged in disturbing activities that appear to us to be violations of federal law and House rules.

“This is especially alarming given all three sit on the prestigious House Judiciary Committee, which has direct oversight responsibilities over the U.S. Department of Justice and, by extension, the nation’s law enforcement.

“We’re calling on the Federal Election Commission and the Office of Congressional Ethics to immediately investigate these suspicious activities.”

BOOM! 3 House Judiciary Dems Hit with Corruption Charges
written by Laura Steinberg September 28, 2020

Emptying the Swamp

The violations all go to a greater problem in DC we are starting to see unfold with the allegations made against Joe Biden.

There have been recent reports that numerous members of Congress on the right are hesitant to pursue an investigation.

I would have to ask, “Why?”

If Joe Biden did nothing wrong, then he will be in the clear.

My personal belief is that we have people on both sides the aisle that are so blatantly corrupt and engaged in many of the same things Biden did.

They all know that if Biden goes down, their entire house of cards will tumble soon after.

So, I would ask you, see who is energized to pursue this case against Biden and see who is shrinking away from it.

Something tells me this complaint and the possible investigation into Biden are just the tip of a massive iceberg.

It’s not even October yet.

I would advise everyone to make sure you have plenty of popcorn handy.

14 thoughts on “3 House Judiciary Dems Hit with Corruption Charges

  1. It gets even better. That leftist raghead cunt from Somalia got busted by
    Project Veritas in an illegal ballot harvesting scam. Add the millions of
    campaign dollars she used for personal use and her immigration scam, she
    could be deported that African shit hole she came from!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, one of her (former?) staffers anyway. It remains to be seen if the staffer will throw herself on this grenade to save Ilhan or not.


  2. Let’s start a pool guys. The first debate between Trump and Alzheimer’s
    Joe will take place at 6:00 PM Pacific time;

    How many gaffes and lies will he tell?

    How many times will he get frustrated and say “C’mon man?”

    How many times will he lose his train of thought and sputter gibberish?


    • It would be epic if Pres. Trump gives up some of his time to Joey Dementia and watches him try to speak coherently. For your point, Leonard, I will suggest the following numbers for your three questions; 4, 7, 12, and all within the first 30 minutes.


  3. Jayapal is two steps behind Sawant in the local political circles as far as corruption and overall don’t-give-a-shit about the voters, and Sawant has a temper akin to a spoiled 10 year old which is why a lot of people are reluctant to confront her.


  4. Don’t you Yanks go thinking you’ve cornered the market on bloated, corrupt indigent politicians! I’m sure they are embedded in all nations and parliamentary systems. It is not the full answer, but if the anti-FDR term limits were expanded to the senate and congress as well, it will go some way to knobbling some fat cats. Of course this does not prevent the likes of AOC being parachuted into a safe seat, but could see irrelevant bloated scum like Schumer, Pelosi and Feinstein out on their arse for a minimum of 4 years, enough time to lose support.

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  5. So the original said, My personal belief is that we have people on both sides the aisle that are so blatantly corrupt and engaged in many of the same things Biden did.

    Yup. We know Mitt Romney’s kid got one of those Ukraine Deals, just like Biden’s did. I’ve seen arguments there are even more.

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  6. every one of them that came in office poor from campaigning and became millionaires is dirty, which is probably 90 percent or more. term limits, campaign finance reform/oversite, and application of ALL laws to them including Obamacare, abolish their pension/insurance, limit their immunity. there, i fixed 90 plus percent of what’s wrong. yawl can handle the rest.

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    • There’s a meme going around that says, “I don’t care about the billionaire who becomes a politician; I care about the people who run for office and become millionaires.” There’s lots more of the second kind.

      One thing, though, about term limits. We have them in Florida and there’s still an elected class. They just shift offices every other term period. They even move from the county offices to the state offices and back to the county. They’ll be in the state senate and after their two terms run for the house, theoretically a demotion. It’s name recognition among the uninformed voters.

      If you’re writing a term limits law make sure that there’s a limit to the number of times they can hold any elected office.


      • I have absolutely no problem with politicians being re elected for lengthy successive terms.


        Here is my solution. If they do not get re-elected after their second term (they are allowed one screw up – their first term in office and can then give up) then they are publicly lynched pour encourager les autres. And no, they are not allowed to withdraw from the next election. That way they will be forced to do what the electorate want. I know. That’s a radical concept but I think that it might work.


  7. How much would you like to bet that this goes exactly the same place as the Seth Rich murder investigation? Exactly Nowhere. Until the tree of liberty is fertilized nothing will change.

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