34 thoughts on “I’m Sure You Won’t Disappoint Me Here

  1. Look at the eyes
    Had a high school teacher whose eyes did that
    Couldn’t tell who the hell she was talking to, looking in 2 directions at once.

    Little fella looks like he’s having a bad day
    ” Bustedknuckles”

    Phil, if you decide to punch Cedreq ,I’ll hold him for ya.


  2. How about “Hillary Von Hag” The plague that will NOT go away…
    (Who by the way will become the demoncrat party Nominee after Biden melts down in the middle of the debate tomorrow and becomes so despondent and depressed that he commits suicide by shooting himself. In the back of the head…Twice…while dictating his dying wish that Hillary become President for life. As recorded by his soon to be adopted daughter – Chelsea)

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  3. Looks like a few of the muffs that I came face to face with in the misspent daze of my yute.

    I was gonna nominate the former First Yeti, Moochelle, but I see that name has already been brought up. Therefore, I hereby toss the moniker of “Nancy Puglosi” into the ring for consideration.


    • B.C., would that be for before or after she went to the hairdresser? Every Democrat woman pollie I’ve ever seen is an ugly old hag, ‘ceptin for Tulsi Gabbard (I’d root her, if she asked nicely).


  4. Okay crazyeighter, that’s it! I followed that link, and innocently clicked on the Boobage section. What with you, egorr, Denny and Phil, and Irish stirring memory cells the other day, I’m going shopping for a tablet that can display gifs and video, and actually cross to The Feral Irishman (get me a redhead fix!).


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