Oregon Governor Kate Brown Is A Two Faced Lying Bitch

And if you think for one nanosecond that I wouldn’t say that directly to her face then you absolutely do not know me.

The reason I say this?

It seems that it is perfectly fine for ANTIFA and the rest of the Commie Conglomerate to riot, burn,injure and even kill people FOR THREE MONTHS STRAIGHT while the entire time she keeps the balls of all of the Law Enforcement Agencies sitting in a jar on her mantle and the District Attorney for Multnomah County greases a revolving door for the violent cretins but the minute a Right Wing group who has been fighting these ANTIFA bastards for years wants to have a peaceful march, she pisses down her legs and declares an emergency.

I’m serious.

As Proud Boys plan to rally, Oregon governor declares state of emergency


Oregon officials are ramping up safety measures to protect Portland residents ahead of a planned Proud Boys rally, where some participants are expected to be armed.

Gov. Kate Brown declared a state of emergency in response to Saturday’s rally at a press briefing. The action allows Oregon State Police and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office to take “charge of public safety in Portland,” Brown said.

“The pattern of these particular groups is clear: to intimidate, instigate and inflame, and these types of demonstrations in the past have often ended in fistfights, and sometimes escalated to bloodshed,” she said. “I am incredibly concerned about this increased risk of violence in Portland this weekend, and for the safety of Oregonians.”

“I am incredibly concerned about this increased risk of violence in Portland this weekend, and for the safety of Oregonians.”

That right there is a bald faced lie.

She sure goes out of her way to make these Proud Boys sound scary though don’t she?

I bet these guys are maniacs, who knows what they are capable of, maybe stuff like this.

Oh wait, that is all ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter violence, you know, the kind of shit that has been going on since May.

But Kate doesn’t seem to mind that.

God Forbid those Proud Boys should want to come back to town though, there might be a fist fight!

She thinks that is worthy of declaring an emergency and unleashing those same Law Enforcement Agencies that she has had Hog Tied to keep them from breaking heads that really do need breaking.

To put an even finer point on my little rant here, when I tried to use GOOGLE to search for this bit of news, using an almost verbatim choice of words in the search bar as the headline for the article above, the one single return on the first page of results came from MIAMI FLORIDA.

Clear across the fucking country, even though Portland is literally a ten minute drive from here.

Eventually the piper has to be paid.

I absolutely can not wait to see the look on her face when that bill is presented.

Justice will be served even if it takes years.

Something tells me it’s not going to take that long.

Between Kate Brown, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, the Portland City Council and that Soros toy monkey of a District attorney, we are looking at multiple conspiracy charges that could be filed tomorrow if the Feds had any balls.

25 thoughts on “Oregon Governor Kate Brown Is A Two Faced Lying Bitch

  1. Based on the numbers I am seeing numbers from the Pacific Northwest, this
    cunt will not be reelected! Almost sixty percent of the people in Portland are
    ready to grab their pitchforks and torches. If Portland falls, Oregon falls!


    • she’s term limited and will not be running for re-election (unless she does what Kitzhaber did and sit out a term. But her term still has two years to go. The swamp in Salem is as corrupt as the one in DC.


  2. And I thought the weasel inslee was a panty waist two faced lying hypocrite, the no gender bitch brown just passed him like an F18 flying by a Cessna 182.


    • I don’t know about kate brown I don’t eat pussy and I wouldn’t eat hers if Aussies John’s tongue was grafted unto the stump of tongue iffn’ I had lost it… She was a lying sack O’ tards back when I use to live in the fair city of Canby and worked in the weird as shit portlandia. (S)he has been around awhile. If kitzhaber stopped dipping his dick and giving out state jobs as rewards ya would still have the dickless kitzer.


      • It does not matter if a communist is replaced with another communist.
        All that is left is whether or no a pissed off citizenry will kick their asses
        to the curb this year or the next two or three years. This will go a long
        way to moderate the views of their extremest replacements.

        As far as I know, I am the original author of the concept of politics
        being a complex dynamic like economics. I have lived through the
        leftist temper tantrum in the sixties. The violence in the streets
        committed by so-called peace activists that led to two massive
        landslides for Richard Nixon and two more for Ronald Reagan as
        governor of Marxifornia which paved the way for Reagan’s two
        landslides as president.

        These dumb ass mother fuckers have no how hard they are going
        to get hit in November! It is going to be beyond the level of cheating.


  3. Cederq, I wouldn’t – no, strike that. I *would* fuck her with your dick, and all those other Dimmocrap whores, ones like Harris, Feinstein, Warren, Pelosi, Omar and AOC. Boy, Hillary will be Arkancide jealous of them. Though I just might keep misguided Tulsi Gabbard back to show her what ‘down under’ really means!


  4. re: Oregon’s First Lying Bisexual POS Governor…
    Anyone who is capable of conspiring with the federal government and being an accessory to the murder of an American citizen (LaVoy Finicum) is capable of anything, particularly when it comes to depriving anyone on the right of their Constitutional rights.


  5. Im not sure if the US DOJ would be able to craft charges or even an investigation. There are a lot of people held over from other administrations that owe folks favors. It is more than a casual leak this time. (If you have seen the arrest records of some of these “demonstrations” that featured members of the bar association, you shouldnt be surprised that the “sleeper cell” effect is real)


  6. I’m wondering who’s side the Oregon State Police and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office is going to be on and if Kate and Ted are going to like the way they “take charge of public safety in Portland.”


  7. Rush Limbaugh has said: “There’s an active revolution going on in America”. Too bad the only ones who realize that are the Democrats and their Soros funded Commie army. The rest of the country not personally or directly affected are sitting around with their mental thumbs up their asses trying to collect “likes” for the shit they post on social media.


  8. All democrats are lying two-faced satanic pieces of shit. But that increases my orgasmic level when DJ Trump gets re-elected. Oh yea. Like that ugly woman on the selfie video who thinks Ruth Buzzie only had to hang on until 2021…


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  10. Why in the hell isn`t she impeached? this person has no business being governor, close down everything, make people go broke, what a real STUPID DUMB ASS. FACT; masks do not stop the virus, VIRUS is measured in MICRONS and the best mask is the 95 which will stop .15 microns and larger and this virus MICRON is .0125, duh no mask will stop it so you don`t need a mask. SO THIS GOVERNOR NEEDS TO GET HER HEAD FROM WHERE THE SUN DON~T SHINE, BETTER YET RESIGN.


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