Look at the balls on these motherfuckers here,

California COVID-19 hospitalizations could jump 89% in next month amid signs of coronavirus spread


California is expected to see an 89% increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations over the next month amid growing signs that the spread of the coronavirus may be intensifying again, state officials announced Friday.

The proportion of Californians testing positive for the virus continues to remain low at 3% over the past two weeks, and the total number of COVID-19 patients in the state’s hospitals continues to decline, said Dr. Mark Ghaly, the state’s health and human services director.

But he said that some other metrics are prompting concern that a feared uptick in the virus’ spread, which public health officials said was possible in the wake of the Labor Day holiday and more businesses reopening, may be materializing.

Many regions have seen a slight increase in the rate of cases per 100,000 residents, and COVID-19-related emergency room visits have trended upward over the past week in virtually all areas of the state, Ghaly said.

The number of new hospital admissions has also crept upwards, “and that means that overall, we’re seeing more admissions that we did the day or week prior for COVID-19 in some of our hospital systems across the state,” he said.

Based on the current conditions, he said, the state is now forecasting that 4,864 people will be hospitalized with COVID-19 by Oct. 25, an increase of roughly 89% from Wednesday, when there were 2,578 patients.

In other words, our bottom line is starting to collapse because we aren’t seeing near the numbers of people sick enough to need to be hospitalized like the numbers these experts kept telling us we were going to see.

These fucking cheese dicks just can’t help themselves at this point

So we are going to pull some bullshit numbers out of our asses, make up some phony bullshit scenario, take a wild fucking guess at WHAT COULD HAPPEN and then call up our mouthpiece over at the LA Times and have him splash this all over the headlines to keep you rubes all spun up.

Just because all of the latest statistics show that this motherfucking Kung Flu has a 99% survivability rate, the PTB have instructed us to put the Fear of God into you fucking Deplorables every opportunity we get, plus we get paid more if some of you actually wind up needing to be hospitalized.

These people absolutely have no shame, think we are all as stupid as Home Plate and will continue to do so because they keep drinking the fucking Kool Aid.

You need to get a grip, wise the fuck up and get your shit together.

Here’s a hint for you cocksuckers, we are all done playing this game.

Seriously done.


  1. Sure as s***. It’s insane. For the last two days I had to get my ass past a security guard about 5 ft tall and 350 lb forcing me to stand in front of a monitor to have have my temperature taken and then forcing me to wash my hands all to get a job and this is in Texas f*** these people this is insane.


  2. I was a big science geek as a teen who understood the scientific method
    before I first got laid. Without accurate data the results are shit. As the
    computer geeks say GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out). The first rule of
    science is correlation does not equal causation. The biggest mistake
    President Trump made was to sign a relief bill that provided more funding
    for city and state hospitals for treating Chinese Kung Flu patients. The
    Democrat governors and mayors saw this as a cash cow. Victims of
    car crashes and driveby shootings were written off as COVID victims
    whether or not they were positive.

    This made it impossible to track the numbers of positive cases vs deaths
    and the Rnaught numbers. Once Trump caught wise to this fucking
    bullshit, he distanced himself from Fauchi and the Scarf Queen. He
    is now taking advice from the herd immunity school of thought at the
    DCD. That was too little too late because we still have no idea what
    the actual numbers are. Trump probably saw this as hazard pay
    for doctors and other medical professionals.

    Meanwhile, the actual death rates were sinking like a fucking stone
    dropped into the Marianas Trench. The Democrats, their kept
    whores in the media, and their so-called medical experts had to
    invent a new metric, the number of new cases to use as their
    next Boogyman. If we had accurate data, this virus would prove
    to be less deadly than the average seasonal flu.

    Fuck these assholes and their computer models and projections
    in the neck with a corncob!


    • So let me get this straight, you applied the “scientific method” to get your self laid. Your theory was if I jacked off enough it would eventually would have another body impale itself on your turgid member, do I have this spelled out correctly Mr. Jones? Was that hypothesis and methodology stated the empirical truth?


  3. I just got off the phone with a long time friend.
    Maybe 3 weeks ago he mentioned that his parents both had it. (Covid virus)
    When I saw his name come up on caller ID my heart stopped. I was expecting bad news.
    At the end of our conversation and nothing being mentioned I asked about his parents.
    Here is is reply ” they are over it. I mean my mom is 85 years old with copd, dementia, and Alzheimer’s, if covid was going to kill anyone she would be dead. It’s a pussy virus”.


  4. Phil, I had to shop for groceries, nearly made them reduntant by karking it, nearly. Left my phone in the car, I was hurting just too much to go and find it. Lucky I don’t have to fix the bloody car, if I had to lay on the concrete under it, then I may as well let the jack down! Shit, I wish someone had warned me how much it hurts when you get to middle age and beyond, but I wouldn’t have taken any notice of an old fart!


      • I think it’s Straya for free goodies. Like getting free samples at the store.
        Straya is speaking Australian.
        I’m off to bed now, I just woke up after nodding off in my recliner.


  5. Oh, and the Murder Hornets are still in play, both and Phil heard on our respective local radio stations they are up in BC and will be making there way down to our areas with in the next twenty years as this whole geographic area is ideal for them to live and thrive… Now we will have the 38th wave of beer virus then the murder hornets… oh fun.My only consolation is they will get to egorr years before the get to Phil and me.


    • You may find a murder hornet sting is useful, the resultant penile swelling helping out Hillary and Nancy naturally, without popping Viagras. BTW, to ‘kark it’ is to kick the bucket, to buy the farm. It has long been my wish to kark it like Billy Snedden did, look it up.


      • Since Aussie John recommended it:


        On 27 June 1987, just hours after attending John Howard’s election campaign launch, Snedden suffered a fatal heart attack at the Travelodge motel in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney, while having sex with an ex-girlfriend of his son Drew, identified only as “Wendy”.[38][39] Melbourne newspaper The Truth headlined its report “Snedden died on the job”, while the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Snedden was wearing a condom and that “it was loaded”.[40][dead link]


  6. Top work, Irish! Old Billy Snedden wasn’t a small man, the girl was trapped under him for a couple of hours until she could snag a phone. The stress of being trapped under the dead pollie, and the sudden attention of staff after the alert, resulted in vaginismus. She was clamped tighter than a Scotsman’s change purse at a pay toilet! The staff called a doctor, who administered a sedative injection, and no, I don’t know where, or to whom! The end result was as reported above, with no amount of spin able to counter salacious talk that made it out to a titillated public. I miss visiting The Feral Irishman site, a treat of pretty Celtic redheaded lasses and fine humour, I’ll renew attendance soon.


  7. Meanwhile, Florida goes Full On, Balls to the Wall, No Fucking Restrictions on activities by persons or businesses because of the large percent Hoax that the Covey is.

    Love it.


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