21 thoughts on “Finally! Someone Who Can Explain Everything That Is Going On!

  1. I do believe we have found biden’s doppel-ganger! I can see the demos using him as presidential cannon fodder! Either that or we saw an elusive candid interview with out favorite down underer…


  2. I’m better looking than that bloke! I just checked that in the bathroom medicine cabinet mirror (it hasn’t been polished in 25 years, since I had to wear glasses, for a very good reason). Dunno what he sounds like, I can’t play videos. So did Deathray ever escape from that Land of the Damned village of Amazonian Dimmercrap women, using him as a stud bull? Or is that going to be after the election? Gee, you’d think Dianne and Nancy were past it, could be they just want him for his body, make him say dirty things like: Nixon, Reagan!


  3. Not OT, Phil. A link to Cairns News, a far northern based site, good for stories about the Top End. He has also been covering of late, the totalitarian machinations of the neo-Communists in the southern states too, policing tactics tried there first, are soon to be employed in any remaining Democrat areas in the USA. So, your near future! The cops in these stories are all state police, or sometimes federal police, there not being local government control of such like in America. https://cairnsnews.org/posts/


    • Wow. Just scanned through that site, and came to wonder (this without trying to offend): Is Australia actually Air Strip Two? The revelation about the storm troopers being corporate entities is also interesting.


  4. He makes way too much sense to be mistaken for Alzheimer’s Joe. The
    character of Archie Bunker from All In The Family was created to ridicule
    the deplorabes in flyover country. Norman Lear’s idea backfired because
    the show was an instant hit thanks in large part to the unwashed masses
    who loved Archie Bunker because they hated queers, illegal immigrants,
    welfare leeches, liberals, and Democrats as much as Lear hated us.

    This is what the Democrats think we are!


    • Nailed it CZ8! I’ve met a lot of burned out old dopers, some all of thirty, others like our guy here. Sad to say, the lowest common denominator of society at large is pretty damn low.


  5. unclezip, how could you offend, especially with that avatar? You’ve got questions that I have no answer to, except; we are all facing the same enemy. The worldwide PTB controlling everything is the same entity as in the UK, greater Europe, most of electable Asia, Australasia and the Pacific, the Middle East and much of Africa (China owns most of it) and North & South America. The security crowd (also running most prisons and quasi-governmental security at air and sea ports is US/Israeli owned. What you see trialled here is *your future*, they are just ironing out the bugs first, before international implementation. Maybe call it CCP-Lite? The plurality of political parties here is a lie, same as in the US, it is all one-state control. You blokes have one thing going for you, they were too lazy to ensure full gun registration (always delayed confiscation) and greater gun control, though FDR emasculated 2A 84 years ago, followed up in ’68 and ’86. Prove me wrong: will Trump abolish the BATFE?


  6. That sounds like an impression of a cross between Pelosi & Biden with a touch of camelface Harris thrown in for good measure. But member, the Trumpeter is prezident and they are just cunts…….


  7. I can’t even get simple arithmetic right in my old age. Your ’34 NFA was 86 years, not just 84 years, of continual unconstitutional infringment of a specific enumerated right, courtesy of FDR, but criminally misused by all subsequent governments and ‘public servants’. So Americans have no call to belittle Aussies (who never have had any real rights at all) about gun control, especially when it is all done at the behest of the one worldwide power, all aided by your alphabet gangs, at the teat of the US taxpayer. George Soros can afford to fund the work of expat Yank Rebecca Peters in Australia, but he achieves much more aided by the indoctrinated people paid for with your tax dollars!

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    • Yep. The ’34 NFA was in response to the Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago which happened five years earlier, crooks shooting crooks. In the meantime, that stupid-ass experiment experiment known as Prohibition had gone away, and most of the reasons crooks shot crooks in job lots. But we got the NFA anyway.

      FDR was also the asshole that decided that free and sovereign American citizens couldn’t own gold coins, only paper dollars for which fuck him.


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