What It’s Like Living In California Now

H/T to my buddy Leonard, who is still down there.

Pray for him after watching this.

I can say without reservation that moving back out of that state 35 years ago was one of the best moves I have ever made. Born there or not, you couldn’t pay me enough to put up with that bullshit, even though Oregon and Washington both are racing each other to turn into it.

29 thoughts on “What It’s Like Living In California Now

  1. I enjoyed living in Kommiefornia for about the first 20 years I was there. Then I saw the state really starting to slide downhill (no pun intended), and the last 15 years I was there wasn’t very pleasant.

    We’re so glad we bailed…..

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  2. Its not the Oregon People thats screw up Oregon its all them Damn people out of California that Think they need to Make the place in to another California. Only 3 or 4 counties Voted for Obungler An it was the one i live in We have a asshat for Governor An theres the Problem MAGA

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    • Sorry, Jay Inbreed (Washington State) is only slightly behind Grabbin’ Gruesome for sheer stupidity and Libtardness. Both have low IQs and the ability to get The Great Unwashed masses to vote for ’em. Good at stealing votes, too!

      I’m sooooo glad I left that dumpster fire called Portland back in ’99.

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      • That may be their Achilles this time around. The usual pattern is
        to turn the big cities into welfare sinkholes in order to buy votes.
        I have seen too many man on the street interviews in which black
        urbanites are saying a big NO to calls to defund or abolish the police.
        The Democrats may have crossed a line by deploying their flying
        monkeys in the inner city and it may cost them a lot of the big
        cities in November. Between the COVID lockdowns and the riots,
        they Donks may have stepped on their dicks this time!


  3. Lived in LA back in the early 90’s. Just loved the weather and the car culture. Came back for a visit in 2010 and was amazed at how the place had changed. Now I try to avoid having anything to do with California, don’t even change planes there if I can help it. Live in Southern Oregon now, and as Phil said, Portland/Salem/Eugene are the liberal areas that force their policies on everyone else in the state. I wish all those Soros-funded arsonists would go back to Portland and ply their trade there. It would make the state a lot more pleasant.


  4. Wikipedia tells us (and I quote) Eric Michael Garcetti (born February 4, 1971) is an American politician serving as the 42nd and current mayor of Los Angeles since 2013.[…] He is the city’s first elected, Jewish mayor, its second consecutive Mexican American mayor.

    So mind your mouth and watch how you speak of Eric Garcetti, JP (video guy)! Garcetti who makes a mere $250k or so per year for the bang-up job he’s doing, is way more of a brave and stunning but ultimately powerless victim (times 2, yet!) than some ginger YouTube guy.


    • “So mind your mouth” Hmm, I am going to find that hard to do Mike underscore C. Eric Michael Garcetti owns the shit hole that LA has become. Under his gentle tutelage, more homeless there then citizens in some states. More feces and needle per square mile then what is flushed down toilets in Scottsdale, Arizona… More liberal ass wipes then all of Oregon, Washington and Colorado combined. More pedophiles inhabit every square inch there then earthworms inhabit the world and I am including night crawlers. So, you defending hiz honker probably won’t go over well here on Phil’s blog home of wayward old farts and tool nerds.


        • Just playing along and a smite of British dry humor thrown in for good measure even tho I am Irish extraction…. ^snicker^ I thought that might get a rise out of somebody…


          • British humor is an acquired taste just like Frank Zappas freak
            rock. I used to work with a guy I called Limey Bob at a Millwright
            service. I went on to a paper mill and every time my old company
            worked a shutdown at the mill, Bob and I would do Monty Python
            lines as we passed one another. Es not dead es just restin’. No
            you don’t get any fuckin’ wafers with that! That’s not an argument,
            etc. I’ve been a fan of Python, Fawlty Towers, the Goon Gang and
            the Two Ronnies most of my life. I later bought Monty Python live
            at the Hollywood Bowl on DVD. They panned the audience and
            Bob was in the second row!

            PS My cockney accent sucks!


            • I like Irony and Brit humor is chock full of it! I do rather enjoy a rollicking Monty Python and now I wasn’t a fan of Fawlty Towers they did have some funny episodes. I liked watching British series, nothing American can compare except for Archie Bunker.


              • Afuckingmen! The producer of All In The Family cast Archie
                Bunker as a racist buffoon. It backfired when Archie Bunker
                became a sympathetic character for half of the American
                people who think just like him.

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                • Pull that head back up, you are in good company! Around here ya gotta take it as well as dish it out! We have to admit, we are the varsity league… so bring your A game.


  5. Almost thirty years ago I could have married a Californian girl. I could have lived in Walnut Creek, CA – Bay Area of San Francisco. I liked the places I saw and the gorgeous countryside but even then culture shock hit home pretty hard and I knew I‘d really better get back to Europe.
    Can’t say I ever regretted my decision.


  6. Busted, one of the best memories I have is fighting a huge fire at Big Sur and watching that state burn down. Big assed fire but not big enough. The guy that does those video’s is really talented, what a find. Well worth subscribing to on youtube. Thanks again.


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