Yeah, About That…

We need to remember all of this crap for when they decide they need to go apeshit again.

So we don’t forget to kick them when they are down.

14 thoughts on “Yeah, About That…

      • Funny how quickly Kenosha quieted down after Rittenhouse defended himself. When you get splattered with brain, bone and other human tissue from a guy that just before was standing next to you, it has a rather large dampening effect on ones enthusiasm to burn, loot and riot.


      • Never interrupt your enemies OODA loop and thought processes. If he thinks you are weak, (where you are actually very strong and capable but not falling for traps) You can take the advantage when he is overconfident and will make major blunders and mistakes.


      • Another thing, the protestors and their leadership are showing to be not the brightest bulbs, sure they have an organizational setting and move their players about and some have military backgrounds and have training like an NCO cadre and a weak officer corp, but the grunts much look like the old Soviet model, young barely literate line grunts that are poorly trained and equipped. You see in most third world and second world countries. That is what we as military trained patriots, and there are a lot of us. We don’t pull together right now because we would be curb stomped by TPTB, but at some point we can overcome that by shear numbers that have finally said enough with this shit and form up in brigades with our knowledge and skills and training and then kick ass as the world has never seen and will tremble with the ferocity that we will show because at that point we will not have “Rules of Engagement,” the only rules is their aren’t any rules and you do not talk about the rules…


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  2. I’d comment on how out to lunch Woods is, but with his “sue ’em all, let God sort ’em out!” attitude whenever someone calls him out, I’ll pass. Let’s just say that in the old USSR they had a name for people like this, they were called useful idiots.


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