13 thoughts on “Miss Lindsey Claims Republicans Have Enough Votes To Confirm A Supreme Court Nominee

  1. I can only hope that Cocaine Mitch grows a pair and:
    Sets a date for the start of hearings
    Sets an end date for hearings
    sets a date for the vote
    Keeps to that exact schedule with no changes or alterations.
    Tells the media and the Democrats (redundancy noted), to go $@^!%@$ them selves and the horses they rode in on.
    Given the last SCOTUS circus, this is a 100 % winner for Trump if there are no legitimate issues with the nominee.

    So endth the lesson


    • The Constitution calls for the advice and consent of the Senate. It
      is silent on the issue of holding judiciary committee hearings. All
      the Constitution requires is an up or down vote. If my instincts are
      correct, Trump can name the nominee on Saturday and the nominee
      can be confirmed by early next week.

      If This happens the left will go ape-shit and they better have a ton of
      security forces at the Capitol and Supreme Court buildings!

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  2. There doesn’t have to be hearings. It is NOT required, and Mr. McConnell can set it to a vote, and nothing can stop him. These dumbo Crats, just THINK they have a fucking right, when there is NOTHING in the CONSTITUTION, THAT SAYS HE HAS TO HOLD A HEARING….
    fuck ’em!!! let THEM EAT SHIT AND DIE!!!

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    • AP, you are 100% correct – the Constitution only says that the Prez proposes and the Senate confirms. That’s it, nothing else is necessary. So, after DJT proposes, the Senate needs to IMMEDIATELY be empaneled, and they vote. Right away. No detours for the whiny-assed bitchig of the ‘Tards.

      Just Do It

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      • eggor, a 4/4 split court is a recipe for disaster. That seat needs to
        be filled before the election. The Demo☭rats have hired a small
        army of lawyers to litigate every close and not so close state election
        result. Their end game is to turn the 2020 debacle into a multi-state
        nightmare. The Paleo-communist (sixties geezers) are desperately
        attempting to cling to power. By inviting the new-new left communist
        radicals into their caucus, they have doomed themselves. Does
        anyone really think that Alexandria Empty Cortex gives a fuck about
        Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer?

        They will roll over the old guard Demo☭rats with a steamroller. And
        the irony of this is that the old guard refused to condemn the riots
        or reign in their army of flying monkeys. All this did was strengthen
        the unapologetic young radicals in their party. Soros, Ubangi,
        Felonia von Pantsuit and Nancy Pelosi think they will be pulling
        Biden’s strings once he is elected. That ain’t gonna happen!
        These new Demo☭ratic socialists are the new face of the
        Demo☭rat party. Before Biden croaks or retires for “health
        reasons” no matter who succeeds him, the new guard will
        own the party within one or two presidential election cycles.

        I know how these people think and how they operate. I
        used to be one of them when I was a rebellious Yoot. Fabian
        socialism has been their goal since the 1920s. We are going
        to need 10 more Trump’s to turn back the tide!

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  3. …..referring to dickless here “Yes your honor, it’s true. This man has no dick.” (Bill Murray in Ghostbusters)
    Whether they’ve got any balls or not, I just hope the R’s in the senate keep the Kavanaugh circus in mind, and follow through appropriately.


    • I was no fan of Lindsay Graham but both Graham and Cruz have
      stated that they have the votes in the Senate to confirm a replacement
      for Ruth Baader Meinhoff. All the Republican Senators need to do is
      hold an up or down vote and bypass the Senate Judiciary Committee
      and stick to the Constitution. I believe this is their end game!


  4. Lindsey Graham 2.Zero is going to find that once he started quasi-supporting Trump the second McCain (thankfully) assumed room temperature his decades of aiding and abetting the left (Amnesty, Red Flag gun confiscation etc.) will be all for naught. Because as we all know, 1 “Oh Shit” cancels a 100 “Atta’ Boys”. Graham is a weasel and we in South Carolina see his faux conservative behavior. We see through it every six years. Sorry y’all, SC can really send some “gems” to Washington….


  5. I have to give the former squishy RINO Graham a pass. The moment that Trump
    was elected, he jumped aboard the Trump Train and has become one of his most
    loyal supporters.

    Newsflash. Mittens stated that he will support Trump’s nominee. It is all over but
    the shouting so long as Mittens is OK with bypassing the Judiciary hearings and
    going for an up or down vote. This tells me that his numbers are tanking in Utah!

    Madkowsky (Alaska) has to be under a lot of pressure in the deepest red state in
    America. Ditto Susan Collins (Maine.) President Trump rescued thousands of
    fishing industry jobs after Ubangi issued an imperial edict that put 5,000 square
    off-limits for fishermen. If she wants to win reelection she will need their votes.

    What did Trump say on the campaign trail? We are going to win so much you
    will be tired of winning.


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