Well, The Cat Will Be Comfy Then

After I throw the fuckers on the floor.

Don’t fuck with my recliner if you know what is good for ya.

I’m serious.

11 thoughts on “Well, The Cat Will Be Comfy Then

  1. Like decroative pillows filling a couch. When you see this with your new girlfriend – RUN. Well, just smile, turn and leave and never come back. And don’t tell her why either.


  2. I guess its crazy woman Sunday on this site.
    Much more of this and I’ll have to fortify my coffee with stuff that shouldn’t be touched this early in the morning.


    • Might as well drink Death, it ain’t gonna get any better… crazy women, why did God make or allow crazy women is beyond me, I don’t understand why majority of men are logical and task oriented and made wimmins confused, illogical, emotions that can flip on the me merest wrong word, wrong momentary curl of a man’s brow or a slip. Mysterious.


    • Sounds like she was almost perfect.

      Did you try locking her up in the basement to counter the attic deficiencies in the wiring?

      Inquiring minds want to know.


  3. My wife is a saint – she got the hint decades ago when I started hiding the pillows AND the kids kept hauling them off to their rooms for building forts and stuff.
    She’s well trained. And so am I…


      • Your statement with additions as suits my situation:
        I am so glad I am single ***now***, you couldn’t give me a billion bucks and a handshake from Trump to ever marry or have a live in gal friend ***again***… nope.

        It’s amazing how little crap you’re willing to put up with when you take the urge to reproduce out of the equation. (Yeah, I still look at the girls, I just don’t remember why.)

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        • Oh yeah, I like eye candy like the next guy, but I have no desire to put up with crap and drama. My little dog is enough and it isn’t 1/100,000,000,000 of the shit I put up before when I wanted a family, I don’t want a family now.


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