The Left Has Lost It’s Collective Mind Over This Supreme Court Opening

This assclown can expect a knock on his door here shortly and a visit from the Secret Service.

9 thoughts on “The Left Has Lost It’s Collective Mind Over This Supreme Court Opening

  1. This is war. The current election is merely one battle in this war. If anything, the left has increased the violence and level of conflict ten fold since Trump was elected in 2016.

    That threats such as assassination are on the table and openly being discussed by left wing activists should be of no surprise.

    Those of us who are heritage Americans who cherish the founding of the nation need to be ready, clips filled and rifle at the ready. Things could go from ‘sporting’ to all out warfare at the drop of a hat. I call it sporting because the violence is sporadic and elective at present. If the left goes full court press, our participation will be mandatory.

    This settling out of our society is long over due. With the seeds of socialism being sown by Wilson back in the early 1900’s we have seen a gradual increase of dissidence from the left going from rhetoric in the past to out and out advocacy for violence. On top of this, the left has co-opted the courts to make anyone who resists their attacks as the aggressor. These kangaroo courts will fall as well if things get real.

    When I was younger I cared more about my survival than I do now., At this point in my life, I am far more willing to stand and fight. Maybe it is because I cannot run anymore or perhaps it is because I have lots more ammo than I ever did before. Either way, I am ready for insurrection if that is how the left wants to go. Let them take their shot and we will see how it plays out.


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