10 thoughts on “How Sweet It Is

  1. Oh! A perfect woman for all of us old farts! I bet she makes excellent sammichs! Brings the beer without being asked and cleans the house so your equally old fart friends will feel comfortable laying about farting, scratching their balls and telling the most raunchiness jokes on earth… a perfect companion for Aussie too!


  2. After all the complete bollocks of what’s gone on this year, that single clip makes the heart sing.

    The good lady and myself are waiting patiently here in England for you good people to re-elect President Trump, looking forward to endless videos of these people screeching and crying, the long faces on CNN, the excuses and bullshit they’ll come up with why their utterly pointless Demo contenders didn’t stand an earthly against Trump.

    You know most normal people who work for a living in Britain are green with envy that you have Trump to vote for, we’re stuck with legion of second and third raters, bloody wastes of space, one or two on the sidelines who might in the future make good, but we’re a long long way from that.

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    • After Trump finishes cleaning out the corruption and Deep State lackey’s here, the ripple effect will spread around the entire world.
      My advice to you blokes is to start getting rid of the Muzzy sympathizers ASAP.


      • Why does the carping Karen remind me of all the insane women
        who were melting down on election night 2026? They sounded
        like a pack of wolves baying at the moon. You will see a lot more
        of this if the senate seats a replacement for Ruth Baader Meinhoff
        before the end of the year. It will only get worse when Trump wins
        reelection. Pantyfa Benny Boys have already threatened to ramp
        up the violence if the Senate does the right thing. It will get worse
        when Trump is reelected. Pantyfa has already said as much.

        PS My idea worked like a charm. After spending time in Fakebook
        jail for the word Pantyfag. I used a Philippine English slang term
        for a young faggot. I now refer to them as Pantyfa Benny Boys.
        so far, their censors have not censored one of my posts. One
        more point. Fakebook, Screwtube, and Twatter are going to
        ramp up their censorship between now and the election!


  3. “Eat a bag of dicks” This woman’s problem is that she hasn’t had ONE dick, never mind a bag of ’em, anywhere near her in ages. What she needs is nice big stiffy jammed down her throat while she’s screaming incoherently. Talk about never sticking your dick in crazy…


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