We Finally Got Some Rain

Glad to see it for once too.

It should help these poor bastards on the fire lines and it definitely knocked some of that fucking smoke out of the air.

It has been downright hazardous to your health to breathe around here for two weeks.

I know several people who have been sent home from work early or just flat had their jobs shut down because of it.

When I went back to work Monday and walked in the building I was a bit shocked to see it looked just like it did inside, as it did outside

Th building is 50 feet tall inside and there was smoke in it all the way down to floor level.

It’s been drier than a popcorn fart around here for a long time so this rain is very welcome indeed.

Give it a few weeks though…

Because once it starts around here in the Fall, it doesn’t really stop for any length of time until late June of the next year.

I suppose there is another upside to it if I think about it.

Those assholes in ANTIFA and BLM are going to have their ranks thinned out .

Only the True Believers are going to want to be standing around in the cold and rain to throw their little hissy fits.

The rest of the hangers on are going to be retreating back to Mommy’s basement to wrap up in their blankies with their hand out looking for a cup of hot cocoa.

Fuckin’ bitches.

7 thoughts on “We Finally Got Some Rain

  1. I’ve only been to Washington state two times. It was one month on one month off
    and one month on at a refinery shutdown in 1999 in the dead of winter. On our
    drive from the hotel to the refinery, some local dipshit was pumping his legs off
    on a bicycle in a T-shirt and short speedos in 25-degree weather. If you need
    to argue global warming theory with a liberal, the entire crew would look up
    when we left the hotel. If there were clouds, it was going to be a good day.
    The primary greenhouse gas is water vapor (AKA clouds) that makes up more
    than 95 percent of the greenhouse effect. I could live in the Pacific Northwest,
    but not without cold weather and rain gear!


  2. Years ago, I was in Auburn on a job for the entire month of October. Lived in Enumclaw. I remember maybe two days when there was no rain the whole time.
    Beautiful area, though the Indian reservation was sad looking.
    Never heard of the Muckleshoot tribe before then


  3. North Central PA. I would suck a dick for an inch of rain. Lived here 17 years, the driest I have ever seen. My blueberries aborted the first of August it is so dry. I get my water for my creepy old church house from a spring, just a drip now.


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