11 thoughts on “What Will They Think Of Next?

  1. I delivered a LOT of rebar and I always ended up talking to the rod busters. (rebar guys). And every one of them hated those machines. They were all faster and quicker than the machine with nothing more to carry about. And anything odd or strange (which happens a lot with rebar) couldn’t be done with them.


  2. I could see using that on these peasful protestors… use that on the dinger of men and nipples on wimmins’. Then they can go out and burn, rape and pillage.


  3. This brings up not so fond memories of tying rebar with iron wire. Hundreds, if not thousands of bloody nicks from sharp wire ends. I hate concrete work.


  4. At a paper mill that I once worked for, someone bought a defunct plant to the
    West and North of the mill. They graded the property and poured acres of
    concrete. The guys wiring the rebar amazed me but I could not help but think
    these guys would have serious back problems after a few years in this trade.


  5. I worked one summer tying rebar when I was in college. I had a wooden handle tool with a spinner rod that had a curly q tip. That job motivated me to do better in school. I got my CDL over the winter for the next summer job. Hauling freight was a lot easier.


  6. Only thing to be concerned about is those use a smaller gauge wire than most places spec for tie wire use. I kicked them off a .gov construction job because it didn’t meet spec, and the contractor couldn’t provide ‘or equal’ qualifications. 3 wraps of .20ga wire is NOT 16ga wire. It may equal in strength, but you need to prove that.


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