8 thoughts on “Get A Grip!

  1. I am sure that a custom grip would cost a lot more. I did a project for my Colt
    military issue (circa 1925) mo 1911. Having big hands, I decided to make new
    grips from a block of Rosewood using only hand tools. What was weird is that
    while I was working the wood, I would do test fits. The end product had a thumb
    rest on the left grip and a double-thick grip on the right. My fit the trigger at
    the right place, it came to hand better and it improved my accuracy. They
    had the right external curve, and it was fine sanded and stained. A smooth
    grip with the right fit was better than the checkered original grips!


  2. Reminds me of a contour gauge we use to match wood molding with. Except this one goes in from both sides. It’s not a bad idea, but I’d use it as a mold to cast one from and then smooth it down.


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