That’s Definitely Not Domino’s

Someone posted this saying that had asked for extra pepperoni,

Lucky bastard was actually complaining!

I’ll never forget the time way back in like 1999, early 2000 that I ordered a pizza from the local Domino’s and told them I wanted a Large pizza with extra Sausage delivered.

It showed up, I paid for it and I went in the kitchen to open it up.

Extra Sausage, right?

There was hardly ANY on it!

I actually counted them and there were 12 little Kibbles and Bits sized pieces of Sausage on that Large pizza that I paid extra for.

Oh fuck you ya fuckin’ bastards, you ain’t getting away with that shit with me boys.

So I called them and bitched, actually talked to the fucking manager.

He probably had more zits on his face than there were pieces of Sausage on my fucking pizza from the sound of it.

He agreed to send me a fresh pizza at no charge ,and he said he would make sure there was extra Sausage on it.

Twenty five minutes later it shows up. I thank the driver, tip the guy and head into the kitchen.

This time?

A whopping 16 little Kibbles and Bits sized pieces of Sausage, on a Large pizza!

I called that motherfucker right back up and just tore him a new asshole over the phone.

He offered to send me yet ANOTHER pizza and I told him to shove it up his ass, I would never buy another Domino’ pizza as long as I lived.

Twenty years later and I still haven’t ordered another pizza from those fuckers.

The moral of the story?

Don’t piss me off because I will never forget it.

I don’t know why it is, but I can remember people that pissed me off thirty five years ago when I can’t remember where I sat a wrench down five minutes ago.

Obviously I ain’t the forgive and forget type, I am the exact opposite of that.

Been that way ever since I was a little, little, kid.

Yet another of my many Personality Defects.

I am what I am and it is what it is.

25 thoughts on “That’s Definitely Not Domino’s

      • No Pizza Pipeline here but there is Papa Murphy take-n-bake and that’s so good we’ve sworn off everything else. I try to support local joints of all kinds when traveling and when I get the hankering for pizza when stuck out over the weekend for work, I usually ax the front desk guy at the hotel what local joint has the best delivery. They usually have a good recommendation.


  1. When I was stationed in Mississippi I had a part time job working at Dominoes as a pizza cook. When I got an order from the AF base that wanted “extra” I would load it up like that pepperoni pizza. I would also sign the inside of the pizza box with a “made by Tony”. Next order when the call came in they would ask if I was working and when they got their “extra” pizza they would give a huge tip which the driver would give me a cut. The manager caught on and bumped the price for extra toppings. What I would make in a weekend was about what I made in a 15 day pay period in the military.

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  2. I have not had a Big Mac since 1978. No particular grudge against McDonalds, it’s just a record I enjoy maintaining. And I cannot recall ever having a Dominoes Death Disk.

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    • My psych professor in College often would say that the most nutritious thing about a Big Mac was the air between the buns!
      About 40+ years ago I noticed I was getting an asthma attack after eating at McD’s and I traced it to the soybean filler they were using in their patties!
      I never went there again.
      All beef my @$$…


    • I’m that way about my not smoking since May of 1991, after being ragged by my bride for years to quit.
      I quit.
      She divorced my ass two years later.


  3. Ironically, of the 5 or so local pizza places that’ll deliver to my house, Domino’s is the best. Plenty of toppings, crisp crust, and not once did they screw up an order. In fact, one time, the Domino’s manager called to tell us his driver was stuck at a crossing by a stopped train and he told the driver to come back, get a fresh hot order for us and take a slightly different route that had an underpass. Even threw in two bottles of Coke free. One of the other places actually says on their menu late deliveries due to blocked RR crossing are not their problem so no refunds and orders on the other side of the tracks have to be pre-paid via credit card!

    BTW, that over loaded pizza in the picture…yeah, I kill a man for it.


  4. Never cared for “Runny Nose” pizza as a buddy called it. I like thin crust pizza, and I’ve found Pizza Hut to be about the best…FOR ME…!

    Lots of people hat PH, but I happen to really like it.


  5. Wife and I stopped at a pizza place a number of years ago. Nice place, a sit-down place a step or two above the usual Pizza Hut. Ordered a large cheese and sausage with extra cheese. Must have pissed off the cook, when the pie came the cheese was at least a half inch thick. Inedible. The waitress was embarrassed to bring it to us, and my wife could see that I was incredibly pissed and afraid of the scene that was coming. Instead, I just put some money down and we walked out.


  6. “I donโ€™t know why it is, but I can remember people that pissed me off thirty five years ago when I canโ€™t remember where I sat a wrench down five minutes ago.”

    It’s because emotion is what burns an event into memory. It’s not that we guys have bad memories. It’s just that frankly, we don’t give a shit.


    • I agree Domino’s pizza’s taste like cardboard. I think it’s because the bread portion of the pizza is manufactured at some central food manufacturing plant, frozen and shipped to the local outlet, then dressed with toppings and baked, while still frozen. Disgusting stuff. There used to be a Papa Gino’s near where I live that made very good pie’s. It got torn down in a strip mall re-org about ten years ago and never rebuilt, sadly.


  7. And this, Phil, is why I have a Camp Chef pizza oven on top of a Camp Chef two-burner stove. I haven’t ordered a pizza in years. ๐Ÿ• + ๐Ÿบ= ๐Ÿ‘


  8. I love Dominos. They use garlic butter (lightly applied) on the crust and most
    of their competition slather butter all over the pizza to the extent it nearly
    leaks through the box. I gotta keep my Cholesterol intake at a minimum.


  9. In 1984 my then girlfriend, future wife, was ordered to go to work on her off day to delver pizza. Not a big deal, except it was during a tornado warning. When all the other drivers called in. Punched the manager in the mouth a few weeks later at the bar.


  10. I ordered a regular boring pizza for the regular price from Pizza Hut and got $0.50 back!

    In the form of a 50 cent piece baked into the crust. I had lost a tooth I would have gone on a ‘Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid’ Style rampage.

    But I didn’t and 50 cents is 50 cents.


  11. Living in the back end of nowhere I’ve learned how to make a kick ass pizza. I make my own dough and sauce. You can bet the toppings are an order of magnitude above anything that can be had from a commercial place.


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