Smoke, Fog Or Both?

I woke up at 7:30 this morning, stumbled around for a bit and nuked a cup of coffee while I made a new pot.

Then I grabbed a coat, my phone and smokes and staggered over to the front door to step out for my morning ritual and Holy Shit..

I literally can’t see across the street.

I am really hoping there is a bunch of Fog mixed in there.

I could smell smoke of course but it wasn’t overpowering so I am assuming that there is a whole bunch of Fog there along with the smoke.

Either way visibility is basically twenty five feet.

The fire map from Clackamas County showed that where the In Laws live had gone back to All Clear from a Level 2 Evacuation last night and they are of course, itching to get back to their house and see if everything is OK.

Ain’t nobody going to be going much of anywhere in these conditions.

It’s not quite 8 in the morning now so we will see if this dissipates as the morning wears on.


The Wifely Unit flipped on the idiot box and it is indeed heavy fog.

Watching the news there are still places South of us where the smoke is so thick it looks almost the same.

12 thoughts on “Smoke, Fog Or Both?

  1. We have a thick low cloud cover with smoke mixed in here in God’s Country. I am hoping it rains, the forests around here need it, much like the forests and scrub land around crack-of-my-ass county. samoore, you couldn’t get me to live in Hillsboro. That place has always been an elitist swamp since Calvin Coolidge was president… All the liberal elites lived in Hillsboro and Lake Ego.


    • I got a really good deal on a house with large back yard (quarter-acre +) for the dogs.

      I think the people in this neighborhood (extreme SE) would be surprised to learn they’re “elite”.


      • I am from Canby samoore, and worked in and around Portland as a nurse and the consensus was a lot of Hillsboro and Lake Oswego had a lot of snobbish elites, or they thought so…


  2. Yeah, It’s fog on top of the smoke. We can’t see the edge of the yard. Just changed out another filter, as *someone* can’t seem to remember to close the bathroom doors. Those ceiling vents go both ways.

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    • I just changed the central heating system filter up in the ceiling a couple weeks ago. The rental management outfit sent out a notice wanting everyone to change them again. They can fuck themselves.
      I’ll keep an eye on it and probably change it again some time next week.
      I have been ragging the shit out of everyone to keep the fucking doors and windows closed.

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  3. I live south of Roseburg, Oregon, and visibility and air quality have been shitty for three days. If I can see the sun at all, it’s a dim red ball. Visibility is usually less than 200 yards, and that’s all smoke, no fog. Praying for rain to wash this crap out of the air, and to put out the fires.


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