Pink Haired Soy Boy Faggots Eh?

Maybe you need to wake the fuck up to the fact these people are deadly serious, have real training, real funding, real support systems and use real tactics.

This picture was taken 5 years ago.

Keep telling yourself they are just a bunch of punks with skateboards.

27 thoughts on “Pink Haired Soy Boy Faggots Eh?

    • I still haven’t figured out why Trump hasn’t declared them to be a Terrorist Organization yet.
      Maybe because he knows it would immediately be Open Season in downtown Portland?


      • Same reason he hasn’t ended chain migration or put the citizenship question on the census.

        He’s the Placeholder-in-Chief, and people are still trusting the plan.

        Prove me wrong.


        • He can’t end chain migration without a change in the immigration law by CONgress which won’t be forthcoming with Demonrats in control of the House of Representatives. He tried to put the citizen question on the census and was over ruled by the courts.


  1. MN Steel, you can’t be proven wrong, no matter how many conservatives delude themselves that Trump is the saviour of the USA. One ruling elite, just the one, with different factions maybe, but you end up at the same result. You blokes have had a Republican President for 4 years now, 4 fucken years! Whatever happened to “LOCK HER UP!”??


    • Aussie, when you are right, you are right! The clitery and the obamo half white lightbringer messiah should also been put into jail until he proved his country of birth then be released and have US Marshal standing out side jail to rearrest him for treason and other high crimes. All of them need to swing and swing far.


  2. 4 years ago, they were soy latte drinking punks, since then, with all the training provided to them, and with a lot of ex-military joining them, they are not weak, as Phil described, and they are willing to use violence and die for their cause.

    The mnain difference between them and those of us who have studied history, is that we don’t want the violence but will use it to remove the threat, as it were, and this reluctance is mis-interpreted as weakness by them, because they have no deep understanding of discretion, or a moral compass, or several thousand years of examples of decent behavior, or whatever-the fuck-label someone chooses to apply to the current fuckery.

    And that will lead to a level of ugly few can comrprehend.

    Got ammo?

    Be safe.


    • Kind of like Kipling, “When the Saxon learn to hate.” You are right a decent man once pushed that far is a terrible wraith, yeah, we will hate fuck them to oblivion.


  3. As seen at AmericanDigest and WesternRifleShooters, maybe it’s time to reintroduce Pinochet’s Free (one-way) Aerial Tours as an answer to Commie arson, looting and murder? By crikey, what an idea to get an audience to a post-Corona airshow, a competition for attendees: How High Can Obama Bounce? Add Soros, Hillary and the rest until done with the lot.


  4. The Democrats and the left have been making common cause with Islamic
    radicals since at least 1980. The left was trashing Christians and Jews and
    Israel because they share a common political ideology. They praised Arafat
    and the PLO, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Ortega, Pol Pot, and every collectivist
    totalitarian dictator on the planet since Lenin. There was not a communist
    dictator that Jimmy Carter did not heap praise on. He even praised the
    notorious cannibal Idi Amin!

    This war started in the early 20th century with the “regressive” movement.
    The final battle will be waged (and lost) because we are armed and their
    victims were unarmed.


  5. They might have a few troublesome individuals, Phil, but they do not have the human capital to sustain an organized civil war. This is the only good thing about commies, especially radical ones: sure, they can destroy and disrupt – but they absolutely cannot build, innovate, or maintain a culture or society.

    These LARPing idiots literally face the same problem the Japs did. There will be a rifle behind every blade of grass, and when the gloves come off, they will get the worst of it.

    Set up your fire lanes and escape routes. Pick your shots – go for the leaders first, and the tards with the cameras and cell phones second. Most of all, recruit your neighbours and build communities.


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