13 thoughts on “Obviously A Kindred Soul

  1. Not a kindred soul, an idiot soul… I firmly believe that there should be schooling, a written and a practical test that has to pass with a 95% or better for each tool you plan on using in your lifetime.


  2. In a zero clearance situation I have done something similar with a little short piece cut off of an allen wrench and a box end to rotate it with….


  3. Back when I was a compressor mechanic I worked for an Ingersoll Rand dealer
    IR owned Proto Tools. They adopted the Proto philosophy that every hand tool
    was sized to deliver the torque they were designed for. Extensions double
    wrench applications were not advised. A tiny dab of thread lubricant used on
    assembly is the way to go. I did an in field overhaul on 10 or 15 HP IR compressor
    one my dumb-fuck coworkers rebuilt the machine about 6 months earlier. I am
    having a Joe Biden moment. He glued both sides of the cylinder to crankcase
    gaskets. I just remembered the name of the product, Gaskachinch. I resorted
    to a karate kick to break the seal at the same time the owner of the company
    walked into the compressor room.

    A week after I completed the job, my employer gave me a letter from the
    owner of the company that praised me to the hilt. In the millwright industry
    I learned to put Gaskacinch one side of a gasket and put a thin film of Never-
    Seeze on the other. I was so proud of that letter, I framed it!

    This was the best gasket glue I ever used. When used properly, it is the bomb!


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