8 thoughts on “No Quarter

  1. Fuck Yeah! There’s ZERO chance of recidivism and/or the charges being dropped by a Soros puppet DA.

    The Roof Koreans knew what they were doing and their properties are still standing to this day. It’s time for We The People to take our country back from these Communists. If it doesn’t work at the ballot box (because of MASSIVE mail-in fraud), it will be time for the other box.

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    • I watched it on 8Kun a few minutes ago. Thanks for the link, some of the other regulars would probably want to watch that.
      That blonde wench with the glasses needs to get back in the kitchen.


    • Ken Love, very typical of the local governments, I happened to know three of the commissioners and I don’t live in crack-of-my-ass county and haven’t for almost twenty years. Of the three I know, and knew fairly well I thought were not very bright and stupid. My dad was a city councilman for one term for Canby and he would not run again, he was disgusted with the whole shit show and petty bullshit that went on.


  2. Rather than S, S + S, would it not be a learning experience if looters/arsonists had knees that no longer worked, and found themselves caught in their own wildfire? I can’t think of a worse way to die, or to survive, think of it!

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