Quote Of The Week

From frequent commentor Crazyeighter,

I dunno, but I’m getting tired of feeling like I’m the last son-of-a-bitch in America that bothers to obey the law.

Amen brother.

14 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week

    • No one event, but a long series of watching people skate on serious offenses while us little people getting hammered for trivial things.
      For example, Hillary’s flagrant violations of security protocols with her laptop and I-phone, BLM and Antifa being treated with kid gloves, versus the kid in Kenosha getting charged with murder.


  1. With perhaps, the exception of Aussie John, all us readers here pretty much feel the same way..
    However, H.L. Mencken said, ‘Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.’

    We just may have reached that point!

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  2. If you aren’t committing a least two felonies and several misdemeanors a day, you are not doing it right. A Reckoning is upon us gentlemen, we have to set it right. Our representatives are not our leaders, we need to remind them of that fact


    • I was in a bar while on the road, I asked the barmaid to buy a glass. One of the people with me asked why I didn’t just steal the glass since I had in the past stated that I tried to commit a known felony every day. I had to explain that I frequently break laws but that I am not a criminal.


    • There’s so many laws on the books you’re committing the felonies even if you don’t know it.
      I believe it was Beria who said show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.


  3. Well maybe for a cute redhead girl! I was bemoaning having to hoist a Jolly Roger, but if it were a noose around a(ny) politician’s neck, I’d haul hard on that rope. Just imagine the good feelings that the decorative effect will give, when every lamp post has a traitor’s body hanging from it!


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