Another Temporary Call Back

3 weeks of work this time.

Starting Monday, Dayshift.

I’ll take it.

Not near the overtime like the last call back but that’s fine with me too.

65 hour weeks tend to wipe me out anymore.

For some reason this tune just popped into my head.

9 thoughts on “Another Temporary Call Back

  1. That is exactly what happened to me. I got laid off at a paper mill when one of
    the two machines were shut down. My buddies Jim, Tom, and I (lowest in
    seniority) had to go. Jim and Tom opted to go into production, but that involved
    rotating shifts. I took a pass. After reading the union rules I discovered that
    I had six months to appear in order to have a chance of regaining my job. The
    day before the deadline I took a day off to check-in. I took a proposition to
    my temporary boss and told him I would forego my health care and other
    benefits in exchange for a day or two off every 90 days for shutdowns and
    a one to two weeks annually.

    On the first shutdown, I got my medical and dental benefits, a two hundred dollar
    safety boot allowance, safety bonuses, and a few other goodies. A year later,
    I had my old job back making one-third more than I made at the temporary job.

    It looks like Phil is at some point going to be rehired.


    • I have to agree – management (such as it is) likes the workers that are willing to get temporarily called back, they usually get the full time position when/if things open back up!
      I guess it depends on the management as well as the type of job.


      • Having knowledge of the machinery means that a new hire would
        have to learn the ropes. Someone who already knows the ropes
        is a logical choice. It worked for me.


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