100% Official Horse Shit

This absolutely flies in the face of several reports I have seen in the last two days that include arrests.

This begs the question of why the FBI thinks it is important enough to lie right to our faces to try and protect these criminals?




32 thoughts on “100% Official Horse Shit

  1. That recent spate of wildfires in Australia was done by environmental extremists
    who as it turns out do not like their made-up goddess Gaia. This many wildfires
    springing up simultaneously reeks of coordination. Even the sheep shaggers
    in the Middle East have called for the use of this tactic. The Japs in WWII used
    ballons with incendiary to start wildfires on the West Coast. One or two per
    state is normal but scores of fires in California, Oregon, and Washington has
    made me very suspicious!


  2. So these extreme wildfires are the result of global warming?

    Not the result of decades of government interference with logging due to spotted owl habitat?

    Good to know.


    • Great point! The Spotted Owl is as common as dirt. They range
      across half of American and as far south as Southern Mexico. This is
      a con by the environmental left. They are adding arbitrary geographic
      designations to a species. The “Northern” Spotted Owl is genetically
      identical to the Spotted Owls in Nebraska or Southern Mexico.

      The same goes for the “Tipton” Kangaroo Rat. Kangaroo Rats are
      genetically identical to the “Tipton” Kangaroo Rat. These scams
      resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands timber industry jobs,
      the loss of hundreds of timber mills, and who knows how many
      farm closures in the Bakersfield farm closures.

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        • While the Spotted Owl Owl hoax was playing out, I predicted that at
          some point the mostly union timber workers would be roasting the
          environmentalists on a spit. It took longer than I thought it would.
          In 2016 Donald Trump won a good chunk of union workers. Without
          them, Trump may have lost.

          When I worked for a Milwright service, I had a suction cup sign-
          board. Every week or two I would print out a sign to place on the
          rear window of my service truck. My favorite was “Out of toilet
          paper? Wipe your ass with a Spotted Owl.” The left destroys
          everything they touch!

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      • Yeah, I call bullshit on the Effa Bee Eye’s “We call bullshit”.
        And do the enviros think a Northern Spotted Owl won’d trod a Southern Spotted Owl if given the opportunity? (Likewise if the directions are swapped.


    • I may be wrong about the year: Around 1913 the Audubon Society tried to declare an emerging extinction of the Spotted Owl. But were debunked when loggers actually started counting them, and found them to be the most prolific of all the owls in Western forests.


  3. I’ll play the devil’s advocate here and say they’re keeping it quiet because they’re digging deeper into it.

    Still, it would have more credibility if they said it was under investigation vs the nothing to see, move along, folks tack they took.

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  4. I’m thinking they are down playing it, so as to be able to gather as much evidence as they can, before the rats scurry off. Just sayin’
    A very common tactic with Narc cops.
    At least around here anyway


  5. Well, this IS the Federal Bumblers of Investigation we’re talking about, here.
    Credibility: ZERO

    It might be that they’re trying to do some misdirection so that the perps will relax and get nabbed later, but I don’t have high hopes for this. The PC-Idiots at the top are still entrenched (I’m looking at YOU, Wray) and can’t be trusted – no way, nohow.

    Go ahead, FBI – prove me wrong…

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  6. Ever read a book called High Desert Barbecue by JD Tucille? It was meant to be comedy satire. Looks like someone mistook it for an instruction manual…


  7. I have not read any of the above comments from blogfans. Yet…….but I seem to recall the the FBI showed themselves to lying sacks of shit in regards to the 2016 elections and a lot of stuff surrounding same. Why change now?

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  8. I didn’t know the feds were taking time away from whatever they’re usually doing to fact check news stories. I guess the financial crimes and terrorism and interstate kidnappings and whatnot went on hiatus?


  9. I am for dissolving the FBI as we have seen it has become a two tier system to run against the American people. Always keeping the elites and certain Dem favorites from being under criminal charge. Also the FBI will never police their own or ever go after the judiciary or the Deep State.

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  10. Once upon a time, way back before working in government, I actually believed this stuff. Now, not so much. I understand that they are trying to stop vigilantism while they find these guys. The problem with vigilantism has always been what if you are wrong. However, in the weeks and months of investigating, shit happens. How many lives will be destroyed as the culprits are brought to justice?

    Once upon a time getting caught for stealing a horse meant getting hanged, and what’s going on now is far more damaging than that.


  11. Well lookee there, the FBI must’ve finally packed up and stowed away all the Pride Month decorations. Now it’s time to get back to that investigatin’ stuff.


    • I saw that map last night on the Chans.
      As far as I’m concerned it’s open season.
      I see you with fireworks or a gas can in your hand and there ain’t a stalled vehicle nearby, you are committing Attempted Murder and Deadly Force is justified.


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