She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain When She Comes

The Wifely Unit is heading home and bringing her parents with her because the evacuation map just got updated.

The little towns of Sandy, Canby and even Oregon City are now at Level 2..

If you want a better look at this map here is a link to it, you can move it around and blow it up.

These fires are going to be historic level destruction events.

Since I have already seen arrests have been made in Washington and California for people starting fires, it is going to be a question on a lot of peoples minds here in the future.

Are these deliberate?

Two weeks ago there weren’t any fires in the news around here.

As of yesterday the news reported that there are 37 active fires in Oregon alone.

Don’t recall hearing about any thunder storms lately either.

If you or your loved ones are anywhere near any of these blazes,



Ain’t no house, car or chunk of dirt worth a life.

In the mean time I gotta clean up some shit because we are going to have company for a few days at least.

10 thoughts on “She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain When She Comes

  1. Starting forest/brush fires is a tactic the muzzie raghead savages have openly espoused as a tactic to use against the US. I also have NO doubts the commie left would also set fires to put stress on the system as part of their ongoing coordinated attempts at revolution.

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  2. Well, ya know, 95% of the fires in Australia over the last year were caused by…

    Environmentalists protesting climate change by ‘proving’ CC causes wildland fires.

    or muslim terrorists.

    And Cali’s fires have been proven to be set by idiots doing a gender reveal or illegals burning other illegals out over illegal pot farms or homeless people.

    Gee, none of this happened back when the logging industry was allowed to actually log.


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