Have Some

I watched the smoke from the fires in Oregon move across the sky over my place in Vancouver yesterday. At one point the demarcation line was directly over the house.

Bright and sunny on one side, grayish brown on the other.

First thing this morning I went out for the usual coffee and cigarette and the second I slid the back door open, I smelled wood smoke.

The weather man predicted it was supposed to 96 friggin’ degrees around here last night.

It’s not even close to that. The Sun is a little Orange/Pink ball in the sky and it smells like a campfire.

The smoke has completely blotted out everything to the point it looks like a special effect from a movie.

The Wifely Unit managed to get back home with her parents so now it’s all about getting everyone settled in.

Accomodations are made and we adapt to the situation.

That is one thing that I can say about myself, I am absolutely flexible and can adapt to almost any situation that is thrown at me.

I don’t give a shit if I have to camp out in the dirt in the back yard.

As long as I have something to entertain myself with and I’m not getting wet, it’s all good.

The Wife on the other hand….

Not so much.

It does help that it’s her parents though so that’s good.

Apparently the fires over near their place were bad enough that ash and debris was falling out of the sky as they left.

All anyone can do at this point is hope and pray.

Either way, I will be fine here as soon as I get a lamp set up next to the fold out Futon I have claimed as my territory.

The Wife isn’t sure about the sleeping arrangements but as far as I’m concerned her parents can take over the Master bedroom and we can all figure it out as we go along.

I cleaned off the little table next to my recliner and plopped her Dad down in the thing and handed him the television remote. We are both happy now.

Her Mom has taken up residence in the kitchen just like she does at home and the two wimmins are gabbing away so that works too.

I really don’t see any major issues popping up as long as they are content and the Wife can get calmed down.

I’d like to thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. I think we will be fine. For sure we are much more fortunate than many and it’s those that we should be worried about now.


Sitting out back a few minutes ago and saw ash falling out of the sky here.

10 thoughts on “Have Some

  1. Phil, I’m sure your family and in-laws will cope. If you have any domestic issues, then the Geezer Triumverate of you, dad-in-law and old Chuck from across the road will soon solve things like the champs* that you are. (*not chumps!)


  2. Good on ‘ya, Phil!

    The day before it snowed was the worst here for the smoke. It was supposed to be in the middle 80’s, and barely broke 70* because….NO SUN!

    It was like something out of a SciFi movie.


  3. When the wimmins are happy, everyone else is(mostly) happy. Hopefully it won’t be long and they, and you, can return to their normal life.


  4. I have long harped on the idea that prepping, done right, isn’t about “stuff”. It’s about what’s between your ears. And you Phil, can not only deal with any issue that comes your way, you’ve got the attitude to survive almost anything. Prepping should give you the peace of mind in knowing there is nothing that you can’t deal with.
    We are still trying to wrap our heads around the idea that the house we spent thirty years in is likely gone. No firm confirmation, but this morning we were told that Phoenix is 90% burned to the ground. We sold it and moved two years ago. Even as lucky as we are now, it still hurts.
    Stay strong Phil.


  5. “Sitting out back a few minutes ago and saw ash falling out of the sky here.”

    That’s not a good thing. I’m hoping that you have managed a “plan B” if things do go south. For what it’s worth, I’m pulling for you.


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