Does This Sound Disturbingly Familiar?

Our current batch of Domestic Enemies are using Hitler’s Playbook.


Our Forefathers took the fight to these sonsabitches and beat their asses.

Now here we are with the exact same ideology spitting in our eyes right here at home.

The ability of Americans to put up with abuse has a very definite limit.

What that limit is depends on the sense of urgency that spreads through our society.

When the flag goes up though, I really wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of our wrath.

Apparently history has faded the vivid memories of the absolute horrors perpetrated during World War Two.

Apparently also, some people are going to be destined to relive those horrors.

God help ’em, because I won’t.

Because they fucking asked for it.

20 thoughts on “Does This Sound Disturbingly Familiar?

  1. and you can thank a teacher… to quote my kid’s 8th grade history teacher “the Nazi’s weren’t that bad”. Interesting comment right after I had to sign a permission slip to allow my kids visit the Holocaust museum in DC, because some children find it traumatic.
    I wonder if the kids in Auschwitz found it “traumatic”?


    • If ya can’t hit the head, hit the groin, lots of major arteries and structure down there. They won’t be able to breed most likely… You take out a hip or a femoral artery, game over. You take out the descending colon or the rectum and lovely case of sepsis that is difficult to treat.

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    • .22LR is an absolutely deadly cartridge. It may not have the impact or stopping power of larger rounds, but even a knee or gutshot will take the fight out of a rioter. Just sayin’.


      • I learned that hydrostatic shock, ANYwhere in the head, will take a person right out. It may not kill ’em (right away), but sure as hell “neutralizes” ’em!
        Harder to do, but minimizes the problem rather quickly.


  2. In one of Ayn Rand’s essays, she made a point about collectivist governments.
    Socialism and communism ultimately devolve to a totalitarian police state. The
    Russian communists baited their hook with the promise of a workers paradise
    and free shit. Socialism was sold as a transition to a pure utopianism. Hitler
    (who was a socialist) skipped socialism and went straight to the totalitarian
    police state. That was the only difference between Hitler, Lenin, and Mao.

    By the 1960s, the new left communist radicals like the SDS, PLP, John Kerry
    and the Clinton’s were following the Hitlerian model. Bill Ayers (Ubangi’s
    political mentor) spoke of the need to exterminate 25 million Americans who
    would reject “reeducation.” He made this statement in front of an FBI informant.
    What does this have to do with our current problem?

    If anything these Panty-Fags and BLM are even more radical. During the 2020
    Democrat Party primary, a high-level Bernie Sanders staffer was caught on
    hidden camera talking about putting Republican politicians and Republican
    voters into gulags. It gets better! Chlamydia Harris talked about punishing
    Republican voters Once she and Slow Joe Biden were elected. The only
    saving grace is that 95 percent of the Democrat party’s Brownshirts are
    pampered soy-boys and woke Karens. Beating them will be easy! If Donald
    Trump is not reelected, some serious shit is going to hit the fan.

    My interactive electoral map is showing me that Trump will have 258 electors
    with several states outstanding. If he takes Pennsylvania or two upper Mid-
    west states, he wins. And if he wins, the leftist mobs will go apeshit! Keep
    your sporting arms clean and lubricated and make sure your sights or scope
    is dialed in.


    • “If Donald Trump is not reelected, some serious shit is going to hit the fan.”

      When President Trump is re-elected, there’s going to be an orgy of violence. Even if he is defeated there will be an orgy of violence. First in their angst over their perceived loss with President Trump’s re-election, they’ll go on a tear to create as much chaos as possible. I read a story yesterday indicating that the Left, the story didn’t specify who or what, is “war gaming” a coup in the event that President Trump is re-elected. WHAT THE FUCK? Second, if Biden and Harris are elected, Antifa and BLM will behave like they now have express permission to carry on with the rioting for no good reason that we have seen in Portlandia, Shetattle and other places over the last few months.

      Stay frosty my friends.


  3. Leonard, “That was the only difference between Hitler, Lenin and Mao.” I beg to differ, the main different effects of the NSDAP rule was that public services really worked as they were designed; that provided one gained favour under the system, you could build a thriving business (no different in democracies); that the Nazis were far less guilty of genocide than the Soviets or Chicoms; that the figure of 6 million Jews killed is an utter fabrication with no basis in reality. The slavering war mongers Churchill and Roosevelt have nearly as many dead innocents at their feet as Stalin and Tojo.


    • I should have added that Hitler had a form of crony capitalism in Nazi
      Germany. As for Roosevelt and Churchill, they attacked us, we did
      not attack them. You are discounting the piles of dead bodies in the
      wars started in Germany and Japan did not attack us. Not one death
      would have occurred if they hadn’t attacked us. If Truman had not
      signed off on the A-bomb attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the
      estimate of allied casualties if we had to attack the Japanese home-
      land was two million.

      We actually saved lives by dropping the bombs and unknown numbers
      of them would have been Diggers! Sorry but six million dead European
      Jews is a lowball estimate. Look at the map of death camps that were
      mostly situated in Eastern Europe. This is not nor ever was a hoax.
      I have at least 30 biographies of the death camp survivors on my
      Kindle. It really did happen! In Sobibor alone, a million Jews were
      put to death and burned in the ovens. And of course, you are not
      aware of the Rape of Nanking. or the other atrocities the Japs
      committed in China, the Philippines, on Guam, and every other
      country they conquered.


  4. Leonard, I’ve respect for your views, but it’s a two-way street. “They attacked us”; true, militarist Japan allowed itself to be manipulated by the US and Britain, and the hapless Dutch government-in-exile, into attacking those powers’ colonies and military bases as Japan’s colonial style expansionist Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere programme was in danger of collapse due to the western nations stranglehold on oil and other raw products essential for Japan to be the preeminent military and colonial power in the region. Well the chance they took in attacking the US failed in detail, but played into Roosevelt’s hands as planned all along. The Democrat didn’t give a shit how many US lives were lost, as long as he was able to get America into the war, in order to farther help his Commie friends in Russia, by battling against the Nazis. Unfortunately for Germany, Hitler played into his hands too, declaring war against the US. Your claim that I’m not aware of the Jap attacks on Manchuria and China, and the Rape of Nanking, it’s capital at the time, are wrong. Jap beastial subjugation of Asian peoples outweighed the cruelty they inflicted on Allied POWs and civilians manifold, by years, including their own nominal allies. The claim of lives saved by dropping the A-bombs is overstated, and irrelevant because I don’t care if they were justified or no; the US should have kept on bombing the Japanese major cities with atomic bombs until they glowed in the dark! Prior to September ’39, France, Norway and Czechoslovakia arranged to return German territories ceded to them by the Treaty of Versailles. Poland too was about to, but reneged when they believed the promises of protection from that psycopath Churchill. There would not have been fighting on such massive scale, had Chamberlain not started WWII by declaring war on Germany, “to protect little Poland.”


  5. Sorry, stream-of-conciousness phone clicking. The British, and the next-to-useless corrupt French justified their declaration of war by claiming it was to protect Poland, but they were remarkably quiet, and did not dare threaten Stalin, when a fortnight later the Soviet armies rolled into Poland to share in the spoils of war. Gee, lips were zipped tight then!


  6. Phil, earlier you’ve mentioned long-barrel rimfires and .22 Shorts. The 10-ring zone impact on the knee can be increased with the Aguila 60grain load, if the barrel twist is fast enough to stabilise this heavy pill. The other main choices, of the many available, are the CCI standard or low velocity loads of their QuikShok pre-fragmented bullet, for rat hunting at night. Testing and sight adjustment must be done now.


  7. There will be no civil war. Look at the people doing this: NLM is a bunch of welfare noggers and thugs. The Antifags are street people, druggies, homeless, and spoiled rich kids. They are doing their thing in shit-lib cities and states.

    They can rebel and riot, burn, and kill. They can disrupt and interfere. But they can’t build, They can’t run things. They have no discipline, they are not motivated, they are basically kids and vagrants throwing a temper tantrum and they got out of control. As Kyle Rittenhouse showed, they are not able to handle any kind of serious resistance. They don’t have the human capital to wage a serious civil war effort.


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