Who Is Taking Bets That We Are Going To Have A Mild Winter?

After the absolute Shit Show 2020 has been so far, my gut is telling me that at some point this coming Winter, it is going to get ugly.

I dunno, I’m just kind of seeing a trend here.

19 thoughts on “Who Is Taking Bets That We Are Going To Have A Mild Winter?

  1. Here in central Texas; near the “Great Place”…..we had over 100 degree days about 10 days ago. Now this morning 9/10, its 57 degrees. What a drop! Usually the temps don’t drop like that until October.


    • pfffffffffffftttttttttt Here in Eastern California (Colorado) On Saturday it was 102 (97 Sunday, 91 Monday) and Tuesday the low was 31, with a high of 35. That’s right, 70 degree drop in a day. Crazy weather.


        • We got about 4″ inches of snow and over an inch of rain in Fort Collins.

          Our in-laws, who have been here for-evah say the last time it snowed in September was 20 years ago.

          At least it’s slowed down the Cameron Peak fire quite a bit.


  2. Exile1981 and steve: exactly. The earliest I’ve seen a cold front like this is late September. We got 4 inches from training thunderstorms last night. Unreal. We had a couple cold fronts come through THIS SUMMER!!! That has never happened that I can remember. I’m about a 100 miles north of the coast, and it’s blistering hot and humid all summer, April thru October normally.

    When I lived up on the Lllano Estacado, cold fronts would drop 70 or 80 degrees easily. I remember sweating through my shirt in ag class at 1100, then freezing on the bus at 3:30. With a north wind howling across the cotton… Been here for 20 years, and never seen a cold snap this early.


  3. Kinda strange weather around here too. It was 68 degrees at 11:00 last night. This morning I had to go back inside and grab a jacket when I went out to have my coffee and smoke. They are predicting 96 fucking degrees later this afternoon.
    Today is September 10th.
    Freaking bizarre.
    At least that damn wind is supposed to let up from the East. Changing to a Southerly flow and start bringing Marine air back inland.
    Yeah, just for fun, the humidity here was 8% yesterday too.
    Unheard of.


    • Climatology is proof of the chaos theory. Nobody can predict it
      or change it. But the environmental left will blame President
      Trump as they did with Hurricane Katrina and the COVID 19
      scare. As PJ O’Rourke said, the problem with socialism is that
      is politicizes EVERYTHING!


  4. Where I am these days, the temp has been going up and down like a whore’s drawers. So at a guess, I’m thinking (yes, on occasion I actually think) that the winter will be “unsettled” with more snow, more melts, more freezes. Now having written that, please remember that I am not a weathertainer.


  5. Around here it’s August 41st. I don’t have a way to go back and read the forecast from 8/31, but I’d bet we’re within a degree of it: high 89, low 77. It’s that way for the 10 day forecast, which almost gets us out to the first day of fall.

    The country is too big to say everyone gets the same kind of winter. The winter forecasts I see say no particularly cold weather gets this far south. “Warm and dry”.


  6. Cold, wet, gray here in the Concho Valley, looks like Seattle. I’ve lost count of 100+ days we’ve had but I’m glad they’re gone for a while. 4″ rain in my gauge yesterday. Not a Drought-breaker tho, it’ll all run off and the lake will still be 35′ low.

    Politically, saw a Beto for Senate sticker this week on an old beater. College town, heavy Austin influences, 98% mask compliance. I miss West Texas.

    Personally, all this heart crap has run up $1,500,000 in bills so far. If I’d known that, I’da just croaked when I had the chance!


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