What’s Going On Around You?

The last time I threw up a basically open thread post it seemed to work really well. Since it has somehow managed to get even crazier since then I think maybe we need to do it again.

Hit it in the comments.

65 thoughts on “What’s Going On Around You?

  1. The Bay Area: sky was orange and dark all day today, after triple digit temperatures it was cold today. The sun never made it through the smoke haze. Ash dust everywhere.

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  2. Not a hell of a lot in North Central Florida. Another dry hot wet muggy breezy thundery September day. Just like every year since I’ve been here starting in 1985.


    Though it’s funny that in this corner of Assholio-leftwingerishery known as Gainesville, FL, a “Trump 2020” mask or sign is getting really good responses from formerly screaming flaming leftards. There’s been a shift in the political winds. Hope it keeps up.

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  3. We had showers today, uncommon for September in far north Queensland. I fucking twisted my fucking bung knee, hurt like a bitch, they probably heard me squeal in Portland! Went to the chemist to buy compression bandages, pretty young redhead rushed over to help out the old cripple, made me feel better. Hey Leonard, their sympathy pulls ’em in!

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    • I live in Burnt Scrotum California near the city of Victorville in the Victor
      Valley in the High Desert. We have four seasons; Cold as fuck, hot as
      fuck, windy as fuck, and rainy as fuck. with all due apologies to the crown
      prince of climatology (Al Gore) that man has no influence on global
      climate averages. They mistake regional and seasonal weather
      patterns as evidence to support global theories.

      Newsflash libtards, the earth every year has tilted on its axis long before
      the thermometer was invented. A two-degree C swing above and below
      the baseline is not causing me to shit my pants. I am happy that
      two or three days ago the weather finally broke, and I’m not frying my
      ass off today!

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      • Jeebus Leonard. We used to live in Pinon Hills. Off Silverridge. I used to work for SB county roads running a blade keeping the dirt roads as smooth as possible. We sold our beautiful 2 acre place on the northface, 4200 above sea level 15 years ago when we learned the San Berdo jails were placing pedos and molestors in the surronding communities. I do miss the weekend treks to El Mirage and our horses.

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        • There is a little shithole of a town just outside Barstow called Yermo.
          Its claim to fame is home of the first Del Taco. Even back then, the
          High Desert was known as stonerville central. One of the items
          on their menu was the Stoner Special. It was a burrito filled with
          everything but the kitchen sink. You can still get it any Del Taco
          but you have to ask for it. I knew about the dopers, but I had no
          idea the VV was a dumping ground for pedos.


  4. Northern suburbs of ATL are quiet. Driving around rural Northwestern counties (Walker, Chatooga) there are Trump signs and US flags EVERYWHERE. Haven’t seen a single Biden flag or bumper sticker except on cars from metro ATL counties visiting the parks and trails up there.

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  5. Not much happening here in the Flatlands of Western IL, USA. A bit of rain Tuesday night, corn and beans starting to dry out for harvest.

    Still stuck with Dumm-phukk Governor Prickster, who seems bound and determined to drive every small business under with his mask edicts.

    A few Biden signs (we’re a college town), but overwhelmingly Trump, as we are not in Mayor Lightskull’s Chicago-stan.

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  6. Far be it for a mere Australian (US colony, remember) to advise Yanks on politics, but you should visit Wirecutter’s site to suss out the luverly pic of your next President and Vice President. Oh, they’ve yet to be elected, well maybe they don’t need that formality? Soros & Harris, the chutzpah is astounding! They own the MSM, so have no fear of being exposed. Look for the article: A Picture Paints A Thousand Words. Forward it to all your contacts. https://ogdaa.blogspop.com/


  7. I live in the country here in SE OK and around me all is well. In a small town about 10 miles away, the newspaper is full of stories about people who are breaking laws while high on meth. I go armed when I go to town, being mostly rural I assume a lot of others are too. This area has not been touched by the racial craziness that’s going on in the cities. My head is on a swivel even though it seems we may never see conflict here. God bless us.

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  8. NJ is quiet. In fact, a lot of the riotporn almost everywhere has settled down every since the pols came out that Trump numbers were up and Biden down following weeks of urban destruction without a peep of acknolledgement by plugs aka Joe Hidin’ akd slow Joe. It’s almost as if the command came out from the DNC to settle down. Funny about that, isn’t it?

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  9. Sick and tired of being sick and tired of the south Texas heat man. A coolish front is supposed to be coming in today and not a minute too soon. Tired of summer – bring on the winter !

    Work is slow, but still creeping along. Thanks to our bosses for keeping us open and occupied. I am grateful for them – been here since Spring 1993. If I am still here in 2023, I will be here 30 years at age 60 – half my life !

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  10. Very quiet in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Stupid stuff going on in Portsmouth with the cop charging a state senator with vandalism and everyone freaking out about that. But all in all quiet in Virginia Beach.

    Can’t find ammo to save your butt. Spent 100 bucks on 100 rounds of 9mm hollow points. Store shelves are cleared out of common rounds. Should have learned my lesson from the last Presidential election year and stocked up. Won’t happen again.

    It is quiet but it seems there is a lot of simmering going on out there, like a volcano that is just burbbling waiting for that moment to just explode. November and December are going to be damned interesting end to a fucked up year. Fitting end to a fucked up year. Ain’t going to mis 2020.

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  11. Central Texas; near the “Great Place”. Blistering summer of over 100 degrees. Too hot to work in the wood shop garage. Now today, 9/10 at 07:00, its 57 degrees. Too early for that much of a drop in temp. Kinda makes this old farmer think we are in for a long winter.
    Oh and I saw a BETO sticker the other day……no comment; just happened to see one!

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    • I thought it was fairly mild as CenTex summers go. The beast of all summers was 2011, when we had one hundred-some consecutive days that reached 100 degrees. I’m seeing a fairly alarming number of Biden signs, and marking their location for action come the revolution. These people are going to have to be purged eventually.

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  12. Weather finally broke here in Arizona, breeding bunnies today. 10 weeks and I should have about 100 new dinners hopping around! I’m not waiting for the plandemic meat shortage. Chicken is up 30 percent in the last 2 months already!

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  13. Southwestern Idaho. We are seeing some of the same winds(and excessive smoke) as Washington and Oregon to our west. We don’t pay much mind to mask mandates in Canyon County. When I travel into Boise territory it becomes more of an issue.
    I still cannot find the guns that I want, but ammo availablilty is slightly improved.

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    • Idaho County here, we don’t pay much mind to masks here either except in the hospitals, they try to make us wear them. My old cotton surgical mask is torn in two places and I wear it below my nose and nobody bothers me.

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  14. We woke up to no wind, so the smoke just kind of laid down on us. It’s eerily quiet out there, and we can’t be outside more than a couple of minutes without eyes burning and coughing. We ain’t on fire or dead, so that’s a plus.

    This too shall pass.

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  15. Suburb of Cleveland here. Muggy weather last couple days after the heavy rain passed.
    Wife and I took a ride out to Trumbull county, semi rural. Trump signs and flags out the wazoo!

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  16. Haven’t commented here in a while – suggested ‘bicycle tire pumps’ on some post you had up you may recall that, when that was …

    Anyway from another blog (perhaps this?) I took note of this post:


    Placed a couple links onit. My general area remains as I commented there (much like ‘bcool’s of 2:54) whatever “violence” is within oh, a 60 mile radius, it’s drugs generally tweakers. However since those comments I consulted with nephew who informs me there was some protesting (of the actually peaceful type – around here even the Demtards possess respectable arsenals) in the vicinity of Branson (2 hrs WNW) and Springfield in Missouri. A road blockage was attempted in Beebe Arkansas (1.5 hrs S) some rough-housing around the vicinity of Fayetteville (3 hrs W) – UofA (Razorbacks).

    I’m in the Ozarks myself so that ought be enough explanation of my relative calm but the Arkansas Delta begins 1.5 hours east and I’m reliably informed that’s where the problems begin to crop up intensifying the closer one gets to Big Muddy, Memphis being generally a three hour drive ESE.

    JK of Arkansas

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    • Dang did you just ring some bells!
      I have actually been to Beebe Ark. Way back in 1976.
      Had relatives in Kennet Missouri and we drove down into Beebe to see other kin.
      We had a family reunion back there and 150 people showed up.
      I didn’t remember it being so far from Kennet but I just looked it up on a map.
      I have relatives all over back there but couldn’t even tell you how many or where they are at at this point.They are all on my Mom’s side and the only ones left from that immediate family are me, my brother, my Mom’s brother and his passle of kids I don’t ever see either.


      • Well if you’ve kin between Kennett and Beebe and your Mom’s line has been in these parts awhile – Mom’s line settling the Mount Olive area (near Mountain View) circa 1828, pre-statehood, and Dad’s about 30 miles north as the crow flies 1850s it’s a near damn certainty we’ve got something more than just common interests/experiences.

        Navy ’75, got tasked in ’85 owing to a situation back in these parts the then LE community lacking the skillset to “render harmless” some AIM 9s found me mustered out then having to take up residing around Branson until 2001 at which point I returned to where I started.

        Reason I’m figuring some “otherwise” commonality owes to a proclivity Mom’s line seems inordinately disposed to. Some might even say they’re plumb enthusiastic about it.

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        • Wouldn’t surprise me in the least, my side is the same way.
          I can remember my Grandma Johnson when she was mad calling us every surname in the family tree and you knew you were in trouble then.
          Hyman, Walker, Johnson, Goodrich and several more I can’t remember fifty years later.


          • Walker & Johnson do definitely ring bells like

            But neither of those match either surname of my parents. First cousins though.

            Seen some of my kin place flowers on Hyman back when we made the annual tradition of lunching on the grounds on Decoration Day. Some fifty years passed.

            Good reminisces Phil. Thanks. Visit every day but rarely comment.

            It’s no wonder to me you’ve got the number of hits.



      • Fulton county.

        Lanton’s (just south of West Plains) where I need travel to being as I’m in a dry county – dry meaning because the township I vote in is majority … well it’s a particular “faith” … anyway there’s a saying everybody acknowledges hereabouts goes like this:

        “We vote dry and we drink wet.”

        Which, if you’ve kin roundabouts Williford I’m reckoning you’re able to nearabouts me 20 minutes from where the ferry used to run into Mountain Home and south to whereabouts the ferry used to run across the same drain from Calico Rock to Sylamore.

        There’s a reason I don’t have either a goo gul or a gee whiz account (if you read what I put on Divemedic’s). Not that I’m particularly ‘hiding out’ but I’d greatly prefer anybody from ‘Blue’ reckon where I am is “too primitive” or whatever.

        Fine joint to hang around I’m more convinced Phil’s place is.


        • I know about the ferry; the last time I rode it was in May of ’72. I’m originally from Paragould, but I left there in ’72 until ’93 when I retired from the Canoe Club.

          I got reacquainted with that area about twelve years ago, when I was paid to drive around Arkysaw and flirt with bank tellers while I fixed their money-handling equipment. I had to retire as disabled in ’11, and haven’t been back since.


          • Paragould huh.

            No opinionating no judging no anything really as about the only thing I actually know about Paragould is there was this guy moved from where I am when I was roundabouts 3rd grade or so – his Dad as it happens visited Mom’s recently cousins was what Mom told the kinship as though all the kin of the name I know spell it Harber rather than including a couple ‘nother vowels.

            ‘Mark’ was the guy’s name if that rings a bell – which, if it did my Dad moved us here in ’62 from Twentynine Palms starting up a hospital. Mark’s Dad as I recall did some administration duty on that undertaking.

            Been quite awhile though and as I say, ain’t seen Mark since way before I got to qualifying for social security.

            Myself not exactly retiring did some consulting DoD because, I suppose, Happened to be on a carrier pulled into Karachi and especially today reminds me it got complicated after that.

            Forgive my language but Goddamn Politicians and that’s why we must re-elect a guy who ain’t.

            (Ordinarily I might include a disclaimer such as ‘pardon my French’ but today I ain’t feeling so particularly inclined.)


  17. Temps are moderating somewhat here in central california, high 90’s and low 60’s at night. Smoke is terrible from the creek fire, smells like a just put out with water campfire. No protests that I’m aware of and no violence so far. This mask thing has people crazy though. Went into harbor freight yesterday and a customer started berating me about not wearing a mask, fortunately he quit when i growled at him to stay the fuck away from me.

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  18. Midlands of SC here. Pretty quiet actually. Local college kids (SJWs) still whining about anyone or anything that goes against the MSM narrative about the deadly 100 year virus.

    100 year virus remark courtesy of J. Biden.

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  19. All is well here in the garden spot of N. America. Bird migration is in full swing, decidedly cooler now (a couple of frost warnings lately), life is good. We have serious political issues here (as do you there), unfortunately for both, lax leadership at home has resulted in bread and circuses to the point of ruin. You all stay safe there Phil.

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  20. Pretty quiet here in south central Alaska. Fishing is over and everyone is hunting now. Moose or caribou. The leaves are turning fast. Watching the news from Outside is surreal. Makesme glad to live in the country. Quiet as it is here, i think i may need more clips.

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    • I felt the seasons change here 3 weeks ago.
      This heat wave is the dying gasp of Summer and the leaves are turning here also.
      I’ll be bitching about the cold and wet here in no time.


  21. “What’s Going On Around You?”

    The square root of nothing. There are only three things on my list these days, rebuilding the front steps, cutting up and disposing of the tree that came down the other day in a windstorm and starting my winter preps. Aside from that, I’m just watching the world go down the sewer drain from my little rural abode.

    Watching our “Little Potato” (Justin Trudeau) Prime Minister in Ottawa act like a teenage boy with car keys and a bottle of whisky has me a little worried about the future. He reminds me of what Chavez and Maduro have done to Venezuela.

    Then, there’s what’s going on south of the border in ‘Merica. It’s like watching an attempt to heard a big group of feral cats. I can’t help but think America’s days as an empire are numbered, and this makes me sad.


  22. Got to Tx high plains yesterday AM. Cold AF, slobbering drizzle and a stiff north wind. I ain’t in Savannah anymore! Moved to little town that’s like stepping back into the 70s. Suits me fine. No antifa fags encountered across deep South during trip.


  23. I am fucking heartbroken today. Emma Peek AKA Mrs. James Bond (Dianna Rigg)
    passed away today. I have Bogside to thank for clueing me in to the fact that there
    was a DVD collection called the Avengers: Emma Peel Mega Pack which featured
    every episode she did. She fueled my teenage sexual fantasies. I would not pay
    a dime extra for the Linda Thorson and Honor Blackman episodes. There was only
    one Emma Peel!


  24. NE Cincinnati here. Temps have topped 95 to 100 in the shade for several days. Wouldn’t be so bad, but the humidity is WAY up there too. Heat, I can take–heat + humidity feels like trying to breathe underwater. They’re predicting cooler temps next week. My lawn can wait until then. Praise God and Mr. Carrier for air conditioning! 😛


  25. A more serious note: Person I know works at a big factory (not in Ohio). Union told all members that they WILL have to bring in absentee ballots for themselves and all family members who are of voting age. They will fill them out under the supervision of the union management, and they WILL be voting for Biden. Anyone who refuses will find themselves booted from the union, and their union benefits–medical coverage, insurance, everything will be cancelled. And of course if you’re not in the union, you’re a scab. And you know what happens to scabs, right?

    The medical coverage list is how they know about the ages of the spouses and children. Those members just found out they are slaves of the union management. And their families are at risk.

    Anybody else heard anything similar?


  26. Virginia Beach is quiet. We had a couple of very small demonstrations over the weekend but our police arrest those who block traffic. The rest of the 7 cities area is pretty much the same except for Portsmouth. The corruption is being exposed and people are resigning and getting fired. Masks are everywhere, even on little children which breaks my heart. Navy is still stupidly restricting movement and which services one can use out on the town. On a bright note, My retirement is fast approaching and the muzzle is about to come off!


  27. In Australia all elections, local, state and federal are held on Saturdays from 08.00 to 18.00, and voting is compulsory. The next Queensland state ballot is on 31st October, it is likely the inept and corrupt neo-Commie ALP government will lose to the inept and corrupt LNP cuckservative opposition. The only bright point is that graziers, farmers, pro-fishermen, bush pilots etc., will get their pistols back, no longer having to lug a carbine or shotgun everywhere.


  28. Lexington Kentucky

    Pretty good article by Kunstler today..MUST READ


    …and offers nothing in the sense that anything at all is being done about it.

    Antifa still all over the streets.

    BLM still all over the streets.

    Obama still running a shadow government.

    Antifa burning the west.

    Corrupt judges still all over the place.

    Fauci, Birx, Gates still fucking around lying.

    Restaurants/small businesses closing down.

    Democrat Governors/Mayors that are commies and colluded with China still running their mouths and ruining their states.

    Kim Foxx not held accountable in any way.

    Juicey never sentenced.

    DA’s not held accountable for allowing criminals to walk free.

    Democrat governors that murdered the elderly free.

    FBI and Mueller team destroying evidence left and right.

    Every MSM outlet still lying their fucking faces off.

    Big Tech still commies and fucking around.

    Nothing done about the obvious 2018 election fraud, so Democrats are doubling down with insane fraud coming up.

    Dennis Montgomery whistleblower on HAMMER – Nothing done about it.

    Bill Binney tells Pompeo forensics in computers proves no Russia hack – nothing done.

    Q shares an image of Oregon FBI saying no arson then shares links of arson arrests so Oregon FBI corrupt.

    Omar immigration fraud + should be deported – still in congress.

    Senators and Congress people still running their games like Pelosi’s husband getting sweetheart deals on post offices/properties, Pelosi demanding millions in a covid relief bill for post offices, and nobody calls her out on it publicly.

    Flynn still a prisoner of DC courts.

    Corrupt military joining the coup – but trust the military?

    Q shares a link to an article about the CIA spying on the senate over the Afghan torture of prisoners….but leaves out that DURHAM WAS TASKED TO INVESTIGATE AND DIDN’T DO FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!

    Trust ‘The Plan’?

    What plan?

    It’s very hard not to think this whole thing is just a re-election psyop being run by Trump, a few people in his administration, and Flynn and Rogers. All done to placate Patriots to not take matters into their own hands to save our country.


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