Fire Conflagration Declared For The Entire State Of Oregon

Out of control wildfires are raging all over the state and the biggest ones are 0% contained.

Entire counties are now under evacuation warnings and there have been several evacuations enacted.

From Eastern Oregon to the Pacific Ocean there are multiple huge fires burning and the high winds that are still blowing are keeping fire fighting aircraft grounded, visibility cut to zero in some places due to smoke and there has already been over twenty five structures lost to the flames.

Governor Kate Brown is on all of the local television stations flapping her gums and deflecting questions from citizens to her underlings who are in charge of different aspects of this current disaster according to their area of influence.

A National Guard Commander scored some major Trump points by disclosing that the Forest Service had deployed 36 new fire fighting helicopters at the beginning of the Kung Flu hoax which the Governor was caught unaware of.

The Governor said that this could be the biggest loss of propery and life in the states history due to wildfire.

The governor has taken the unprecedented step of declaring a STATE OF EMERGENCY FOR THE ENTIRE STATE due to these wildfires.

My In Laws are up by Mt. Hood in Clackamas county and they are under evacuation warning level 1, which is to alert people to the possibility of having to evacuate.

At level 2 everyone is expected to get their shit together and be ready to flee.

If it gets to that point we are possibly going to have to haul ass and get them out of their house.

Stage 3 is GTFO and I’m sure the officials wouldn’t let me go in to get them.

Needless to say thousands of people are in harms way at this time.

This is absolutely a SHTF situation and we are watching events unfold VERY closely.

24 thoughts on “Fire Conflagration Declared For The Entire State Of Oregon

  1. Burn baby burn! Go get your In laws out Phil! This is what happens when you you let eco terrorists and friggen tree huggers set policy for wildlife and forest management. Oregun will burn like Califcommieia is doing.

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      • “Governor Kate Brown is on all of the local televisions flapping her gums and deflecting questions from citizens to her underlings who are in charge of different aspects of this current disaster according to their area of influence.”

        But it won’t matter, because we all know Donald Trump is going to get the blame.

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    • The Wifely Unit is over there right now. The Zone 3 alert has been two miles from her parents place all day, it still shows Green where they are at.
      If anything changes she is going to throw them in the car and haul ass.

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  2. I’ve received two emails and a voicemail today from ATF telling me to be sure my “Disaster Preparedness Plan” is good enough to protect all my shit.

    Looking south, there are heavy, smoky clouds. North, there’s blue sky.

    Hoping your In-Laws don’t go above Level 1.

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  3. The governor has “declared a state of emergency” for the entire state. Probably for the remainder of time until the election. Call me paranoid, but there is a sinister capability in Oregon under a State of Emergency order on top of the plandemic tyranny.

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  4. In spite of all the unrest, when the fires are over, Oregon will find the gracious, generous people of the U.S. will help with the aftermath. Hopefully, it will not be nearly as bad as it seems, and many will escape the ravages of the fires.


  5. Phil, you saw the photo I sent you. We’re in the middle of the Wilamette Valley, about thirty miles east of Scotts Mills, and have not seen the horizon for two days. Our saving grace is a furnace with a level 11 filter set, in a closed system, which traps even smoke. Everything to the east of us – from upper Clackamas down to Sweet Home, has been under evacuate (Get Out Now) since yesterday. Walmart parking lot, which you can barely see across due to smoke, is packed with refugees from the hills. Highway 101 at Lincoln City is being prepped as an evacuation route right now.

    To hell with it – I ain’t going anywhere, and I’ll watch the homes of those neighbors who, for medical reasons, have to bug out.

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    • Yeah, it’s Nucking Futz down around your area.
      They have already started evac’ing around Lincoln City over on the coast.
      The smoke is going to get worse the way I see it as those fires East of you continue to burn out of control.
      I hope you have an extra filter or two handy.
      Stay safe buddy for Christ’s sake.

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      • 20 or 30 years ago I read about a theory that was advanced by
        environmental whackos called “Benign neglect.” The idea is
        Mother Nature knows what’s best. Instead of clearing out the
        forest floor of deadwood and getting rid of the underbrush, it
        was allowed to stay there till it became tinder and kindling just
        waiting for the first lightning strike to come along. Liberal states
        swallow this hook line and sinker.

        Liberal states like my home state of Marxifornia are spending so
        much on bloated public sector salaries and cutting firebreaks
        and doing controlled burns are no longer being done. It gets
        even worse. It is a crime to remove deadwood from the forest
        floor, something that many citizens used for firewood. The
        same rules apply to power companies. If they clear out the
        underbrush and deadwood or cut firebreaks to protect their
        transmission lines it is also a crime.

        It gets even worse! Due to the ineptitude of Democrat political
        leadership, the state is scapegoating the power companies when
        a wildfire starts anywhere near their power lines. The last two
        years, my idiot governor fined power companies for starting
        the fires. This nearly put Pacific Gas and Electric into bankruptcy.
        PG&E responded by hiking their rates to recover their loses
        and cutting off the electricity to avoid further loses which fucked
        the consumer in the ass!


        • If anyone is interested in what an unchecked wildfire can do around here, look up the Tillamook Burn. A series of four massive fires from 1933 to 1951 that burned 350,000 acres. That is 550 square miles.

          Debris from those fires reached ships 500 miles out to sea,

          There was another one many years ago North and East of Vancouver that was also huge called the Washougal Burn.
          The Eco freaks who killed the lumber industry are directly to blame for this shit.
          They used to have planned cuts that broke up these huge tracts so the fuel wan;’t available to burn unchecked for mile after mile.


  6. My comment at Surberblog this morning:
    We had to drive across southern Oregon yesterday. Had to reroute our trip three times due to highway closures by fire. There was a firestorm up the Bear Creek Valley last night from Ashland north. A good share of Talent and Phoenix are in flames into south Medford. We’re having a hard time finding up to date news.
    Yes, conditions are bad, but this is far too many fire starts to be accidental and random. Ecoterrorism it is, and of course if authorities have any indications of arson, they are suppressing any announcement of it
    This afternoon, we don’t know if our old house in Phoenix still stands or not. A good deal of Talent and Phoenix have gone up in flames. Go to and look at highway closures over the state. These fires are all starting near highways, and there is zero chance that this many new starts are a natural occurrence.


  7. Ask the state officials in the forestry and wildlife officials about why a large amount of this is happening. Hint: endangered crotch lizards or some crap prevents them from preventative burns and getting rid of older growth, like many states do.


  8. I live just south of Toledo, and I went to the store for milk, eggs, and Clausens pickles, today, and the store was packed. But the surprise was the 20 cars waiting in line for gas. The parking lot at the liquor store was packed too! The smoke was real bad for the last 36 hours, but has dropped off dramatically since about 5PM or so. And now the wind is going to shift to the South, and we’ll probably get all of central Kali’s smoke. I’ve lived around the central coast for the better part of 35 years, and I’ve never seen it this bad. My brother lives near Molalla, and being level 2, they just moved 4 autos, plus an old Willys jeep and two motorcycles, to my sisters place near Tualatin. And now they’re back home, and are ready to bug out if the shit gets real.
    13, I’m the worst number
    666, no, I’m the worst number
    2020, Ha Ha Ha Ha!

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    • 2020, Hold My Beer.
      I see they have been evacuating areas up around Lincoln City too.
      Watching the news tonight, the radar pictures are showing the entire Oregon coast being completely enveloped in smoke from the fires in the Cascade foot hills.
      It even looked to me earlier like the heat and the smoke had completely changed the weather pattern out in the Pacific, pushing everything West.
      The wind changing and coming from the South tomorrow will probably bring smoke up from Commiefornia but it will also be bringing marine air and raise the humidity up, which is good. The humidity in Portland got all the way down to 8% yesterday. That is crazy low .


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