8 thoughts on “How Many Were Direct Hits?

  1. Funny how he flipped the guy off and said FU, right before he got lit up. Attitude changed in a hurry, didn’t it? Too bad he didn’t have my paintball gun. Mine is a Planet Eclipse, Etha II – it’ll lay down 12 balls per second with the ramping turned on. He’d look like a commie smurf with all the blue paint on him.
    Also notice the 1911 in the homeowner’s holster. Just in case.

    Whitehall, NY


  2. You should mix paint, pepper, and some “specially prepared” balls – use Butyl Mercaptain, injected into the balls via syringe. Bloody effective, marks them, and gets their attention!


    • Getting them cold, or frozen is nice too.

      Used to have an old Stalker single-shot when we played paint ball, and the local hooligans were robbing my mom’s garden – dog went nuts, reached into the freezer, pulled out the 20 round tube, loaded the Stalker, added a CO2 cartridge, and went out.

      He was screaming all the way thru the backyards trying to hop fences, getting pelted with orange frozen paintballs.


  3. Back when I played paintball there were 2 different types of paint, recreation and tournament. The tourney paint was an evil concoction that stuck like glue, stained like ink and if you got lit up, you needed a garden hose to clean up. It was like the unholy child of prussian blue and the slime they used to sell for kids to play with. All that to say, a case of that with an electro-pneumatic marker running an electric hopper would make for an excellent way to say stay off my lawn. If you are on a budget however, a Tippman 98 will work just fine.


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