17 thoughts on “Absolutely Brilliant!

  1. As long as he had Snap-on, Mac, Klein tools I would be interested in purchase, and like Wayne above, I would throw in a grudge fuck to sweeten the deal….


  2. Out comes the true story behind Leonard’s bung knee! I busted the meniscus in both knees, and had a tibial plateau fracture across one, they go out more often then I do.


  3. A lawyer’s wife was having a “flash” sale of her husbands belongings. She saw him on a webcam at mardi gras with one of the firms para legals when he was supposed to be helping with a trial in Mississippi. She cashed out all of their joint bank accounts and cancelled all of his credit cards. He had put their cars in her business’s name for tax purposes. Her name was on everything. My buddy got his 2 year old BMW Z4 for $2000 and the trunk was loaded with all kinds of BMW bling. She sold everything including her business during the week that he was gone except for their house.

    She also talked to every good divorce lawyer within 75 miles including his partners the day before he was supposed to return. She ruined him financially and he eventually got canned by his partners.


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