She’s Gonna Blowwwww! (1st Update)

I need to just stop asking myself what’s next I guess.

We are predicted to have High East Winds this evening starting around 5:00.

Because it is drier than a popcorn fart around here they upgraded the alert to Red.

I was outside at 3:45, about a half hour ago and the wind has already started, the sky is hazy as fuck because of the smoke it is blowing down the Gorge from the fires in Eastern Oregon and it looks like it is going to happen right on schedule.

Winds with gusts from 60-65 miles an hour are predicted so I tipped the garbage and recycling bins over on their sides just in case. I don’t need to be hunting for those later on.

Then we have that dead tree in the backyard that someone decided to shine on when I informed the rental management outfit a couple of months ago.

It’s at least 50 feet high and has about a 3 inch thick branch tangled up in the other ones at the top that is broke off already.

I’ll be keeping an eye on that shit amongst other things.

In the mean time I have been out in the Disaster area filling magazines and reworking my battle rig.

I had to take out the Mini 14 mags as that thing is Out of Service at the moment but that just made more room for AR mags.

It pretty much has a full load out now.

The First Aid kit I ordered off of Fleabay got blown out of the sky when Ebay sent me a notice that they have De-listed that particular seller and I haven’t gotten around to getting my money back yet.

It was only about $12 and I just need to inform Paypal about it.

I reordered a bunch of stuff to replace it for now and still have a bunch already so I am trying to put a decent First Aid kit together. Some of it came in yesterday.

If you shop hard on Fleabay you can get some pretty good deals. I found the replacement contents for a First Aid kit like you would see hanging on the wall at places where I work occasionally and the whole batch was only $13. No Eye Wash and that kinda crap but all of the bandages and other goodies. It showed up in two days too.

Some reasonably priced Tourniquets showed up the other day and a couple are already on that rig now. One up front and one in the First Aid kit.

Dicking around with this rig has been like painting a big bridge.

Just about the time you think you are good to go you have to tear it apart and start over.

The vintage leather sheath for an old hunting knife I had attached to it decided to give up the ghost and split clean in two when the sewing came apart all at once so now I have to shop a knew knife with a sheath too.

I am going to look at Military Surplus for a new Pig Sticker.

It was a last minute add on anyway as it was basically the only fixed blade I had that wasn’t big enough to qualify in the machete class.

It never ends.

If you are in this area I suggest you hunker down a bit and keep an eye on what’s going on outside, especially if you have a bunch of dry grass, brush or trees around you.

I got woke up this morning at 8:00 by my phone and a group message from someone concerned that Aunt Eefa or her Brutha’s may use this High and Dry wind event to start some fires just for fun.

With their track record of playing with fire lately I’m thinking even those assholes might not be quite that stupid but ya never know, they seem to surprise me in that regard on a regular basis.


Welp, one branch has already come down and landed on the deck. Scared the shit out of the Wifely Unit as she is as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs already.

The wind has blown so much smoke across the sun is actually dim an you can’t see more than a quarter mile.

This is the dead tree I’m keeping an eye on.

You can see the one branch that broke off months ago and is hung up.

It’s gusting pretty good around here and the wind is swirling from different directions now at 6:30.

It’s supposed to blow until tomorrow afternoon.

We are charging cell phones and I am going to go get the battery powered lantern out just in case. It will be dark here in a half an hour.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we lost power at some point.

It is what it is and I ain’t stressed about it at all.

Barring roof damage of some sort I’m just going to chill out all night.

23 thoughts on “She’s Gonna Blowwwww! (1st Update)

  1. I have been browsing for a fixed blade knife for a couple hours now. Lots of them on amazon for cheap. Somebody called mossy oak have some full size knives for 25 or so. But I think i have decided to get another Buck knife. The 120 or the 124 both look good.


  2. At least when that tree decides to pull a skateboard boi and keel over, it ain’t your fault, you called them on it. Will it damage your house or neighbors when it goes?


    • If the East wind blows it over, with any luck it will land right on the back deck. The problem is that it is actually two trees on one stump. It “Y’s” off right at the very bottom and the “healthy” tree is hanging WAY OVER into the neighbors back yard. If that one goes too there is going to be hell to pay. I see he was out looking at it when the branch hit our deck with a big thump.
      It’s like I said, I ain’t gonna stress on it. What happens happens and not only did I inform the lady at the rental management outfit, I showed it to the guy they hire to do their tree work when he had to come out and cut up the apple tree that fell against the house. Either way, I have let them know about it and they can’t deny it so it’s on them.


  3. I love my Mini-14. I inherited it from my dad. He swapped out the stainless barrel for a 1:8 twist and worked the trigger. I can cycle it better than my Bushmaster AR-15 and it loves all ammo. It is my goto 5.56.

    I have a battle belt that had my issue K-Bar, pistol holster, med kit, grenade pouches, mag pouches, and dual canteen mounts. This was the setup I had at Desert storm. It is set for the Mini-14. It is the primary rig.

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  4. Phil, Be sure to check out the Klein duct knife, DK06, sharp as a razor 1 side, serrated on the other, nice durable nylon sheath. For $16.00 I don’t think it can be beat. On amazon of course. Got one strapped to the side of my back pack bug out bag, easy access.


    • That works for me. Just ordered one off Fleabay for $22 total, with a sheath.
      It’s cheap enough that if it doesn’t suit my needs that I can still use it around the garage.



  5. Over here in Eastern Washington we had the same blow, but earlier. Winds gusting to 60. Except for a MAJOR fire out by Fairchild AFB, not too many problems, but quite a few people out here in the Spokane Valley are dark due to trees blowing into the local feeder power lines…
    All’s quiet now, it was supposed to last until 23:00Z but tapered off around 21:00 or so.


  6. Phil, it is too late now, but when you next get a forecast of a big blow, why not invite your blog readers over for a party? Just feed them up on chili, baked beans and their choice of gassy beverage, then wait for nature to provide what should be an effective counter to the prevailing wind! At least you won’t have to worry about those annoying leaves for a while.


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