17 thoughts on “Harder, Faster!

  1. The way I see it is that there are two possibilities (or both;) Deputizing the
    cops caused the say fuck the mayor we are going to do our jobs or the
    mayor and or governor took their handcuffs off because they were seeing
    polling numbers telling them it was their careers were in jeopardy. Remember,
    not one elected Democrat denounced this bullshit until very recently. On the
    Rush Limbaugh weekend recap show, he pointed to 4 signs that the Donks
    were in a panic and the big one was falling poll numbers.

    There was a poll on Breitbart that said 90 percent of Americans see the riots
    as their number one concern followed by the economy. Donald Trump is
    the only one taking these issues seriously.


  2. No. Fuques. Given.
    The kids had their tantrum time, now its bed time. Should be bath time too, with water cannons. They should count their good fortune that they aren’t here, and use the Spanish\Brazilian\Colombian ‘cocktail’ they use – warm water, garlic oil, capsaicin essence, and a UV marker to ID the little darlings (it lasts several days, and does not wash off with normal soap/water) at a later time.
    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


  3. Frankly, that dumbass in the foreground that got pushed to the pavement not once, but TWICE – I would’ve ripped off the gas mask and told ’em either run or get sprayed. I also think that was a tear gas sprayer in their right hand. It can be tested on the Pantifa idiot. BOTH of them…


  4. What’s the point when the scumbag Democrat DAs won’t press charges, or let them go with little to no bail.
    We need to set up a special prison for these bastards and let Sheriff Joe run it.


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