21 thoughts on “This Is Why I Stay The Hell Away From These Protests.

    • My thought exactly. Either they went looking for trouble (and found it) or they are entirely and utterly stupid.
      I have a feeling there is more to the story that they aren’t telling us.

      And this is the reason that I say “stay away” from such crowds. One cannot win unless one is willing to commit wholesale slaughter…at which point you will become a criminal and be charged with murder. There just isn’t any good outcome if they turn on you. So don’t be there.

      Lots of Keyboard Commandoes have denigrated me for saying “Stay Away”, but they obviously have never experienced a Mob. I have. But Keyboard Commandoes will be what they are…..


  1. This just backs up everything we’ve been hearing. These Antifa goons have been fighting a guerilla war unopposed for 100 days. They’re a battle hardened army. Lots of textbook mob tactics. Three guys, experienced as they may have been, knew (to put words in their mouths), “If I start shooting, I’m dead. I might get out of here if I don’t.” Got 18 rounds in your magazine? What does that matter if you’re surrounded by a hundred of them?

    I’m afraid that to put the Antifa army down is going to take another army.

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    • I’m afraid you are right. So many people seem to think that this is just a bunch of limp wristed Soy Boys when the reality is that they are highly trained, well equipped, well supported and viciously deadly.
      I am hoping that they have been infiltrated and that someone has the critical intel to make cleaning them out piece meal enough to collapse their organization.
      If not it is going to take a brutal suburban street fight to clean them out.


      • I disagree Phil. The radical left comprises about 7-8 percent, the
        majority of which are too chickenshit to hit the streets. Add to that
        fact that only a tiny minority will take up arms. If you look at the
        tactics, they are not military they are the tactics of the mob. In
        any real confrontation, they will be fucked!

        The vast majority of these “revolutionary soldiers” have biceps so
        small you could wrap your thumb and index around them. The
        average PFC has more tactical skills than the entire mob. They
        are brave only when they roam the streets in hoodies and masks
        which gives them anonymity. When a shot is fired, these fuckers
        scatter like cockroaches.

        I have to get in touch with one of my former coworkers. He was
        a Jarhead in an AAV Battalion in Iraq. He sent me a video that
        included actual combat in Iraq. One part of the video had me
        laughing my ass off. Two sheep-shagging towel heads were
        on a street one armed with an RPG, the other win an AK.
        RPG guy is shot dead by a Marine sniper. AK boy started
        looking around like a dumb fuck, not even understanding
        that if a sniper took out his buddy he was a still target.

        That is the Walter Mitty revolutionaries in America. 95 percent
        of these soy-boys will go back to their parent’s basement the
        second that bullets start flying in their direction!

        PS I will send you the video link (if it still exists).


  2. The best way to deal with them is from 800 yards with a .308. Shoot and scoot. People do it enough and they’ll be too paranoid to walk the streets….


  3. It’s not just the west (left) coast where the punks are causing havoc.



    Very few areas are truly safe anymore, because the punks are mobile, and well organized, as SG and Phil said above. And the violence will get worse as the rest of the year rolls on, because these “people” will not give up, their hate gives them purpose, as wrong as that is.

    Be safe, everyone.


    • Ammo up. Practice, practice, practice. Get a good lawyer. Wear swim goggles or chem lab goggles. Have N95 or better masks handy. There are also some pretty good tactical flashlights that can dazzle ( but they get HOT real fast and go through batteries like SanFranNan goes through her booze closet).


  4. I have been operating under the theory these riots will benefit President Trump
    and the GOP in the November elections. I have been following Real Clear
    Politics, the Rassmussen Report, and the stock markets since the year began.
    The stock markets are roaring back despite the COVID scare and the riots.

    On Friday Rassmussen had Trump at his all-time record approval rate of 52
    percent. After the Labor Day is when the pollsters start to report more
    reliable polling numbers. RCP is an aggrigator that is heavy with Democrat
    oversampled polls, but it is still easy to spot the trends. All of the Upper
    Midwest states are in the tossup category and many of them have been
    plagued with riots. The one thing I could not figure out was that Oregon,
    New Mexico, Colorado, and Virginia are listed as “leans Biden.” Given
    their voting patterns, they should all be deep blue.

    Virginia is suffering from Democrat Nazis, high unemployment, and out of
    control gun-grabbing tyrants. Every one of the 8 polls listed is a college
    or university generated polls but one Mason-Dixon poll that has Biden at
    +4, just outside the margin of error.

    Colorado is in the leans Democrat category on the basis of a single poll.

    New Mexico has Biden ahead at 11 points on the basis of 2 polls.

    I left Oregon for last due to something I learned last night. It is in the
    “leans Biden” on the basis of zero polls. Eric Trump did an interview
    in which he said “Oregon was with the margin of error.” That brings
    me to the state of Washington. Washington is in the likely Biden
    column on a grand total of 4 polls all of which came from KING-TV.

    I think that Rust Belt and coal states are going in the Trump column
    and the 2 states he lost in 2016 Minnesota and Virginia are in play.
    that would be running the table. I do believe that these riots are going
    be a major factor in the November election. If Trump wins, will the
    riots end or will they escalate? The reason the Democrats loosed
    their flying monkeys was to fuck Donald Trump. The Blue state
    governors will have to reign then in or watch their entire state burn!


  5. It’s just a matter of time until the other side shows them what timing, planning and sophistication really means.
    This whole thing could erupt in no time.
    What makes me ponder even more though is the current situation in Australia and New Zealand. That could become even nastier.


  6. The “standard” L-shaped ambush would work fine; Bracken also offered an option involving vehicles.

    It will require, however, just as much organization and training on our side as they already have on theirs to make it all work. We certainly have the capabilities for that, but all the D.A.s and police chiefs are on the other side’s payroll.


  7. A 900,000 strong police officers association just endorsed President Trump.
    Alzheimer’s Joe was endorsed by the DA in Portlandistan who refuses to
    charge rioters. Police organizations have a long history of endorsing the
    Democrats promise them more funding, which never happens. I guess that
    makes them the new Negros in the eyes of the Democrats. At this point in
    time, I cannot think of a cop, a cops family members, or circle of friends
    who are going to pull the lever for the Democrat candidate. That goes
    double for our armed forces!


    • They have some kind of browser checker and it will show a 404 message every time while it checks them. Them it will redirect to the site. Give it a minute to let it do it’s thing.


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