Scary Real

I laughed my ass off when I saw this.

I suppose the next upgrade is that you will just have to give the seller half of your shit and walk away.

12 thoughts on “Scary Real

  1. Is THAT why all the silicone babes on the Interwebbies have plumped up lips?

    Just a random thought when I saw the picture… Not even asking for a “friend”.


      • I knew as soon as I saw this that you’d have a dumb ass response.
        But, I was thinking that it would be along the lines of you wanting one with red hair for yourself.

        I’m confident that you’re already looking into the cost.


    • I understand at a psychological level why women have surgery to enhance their lips, and butts and breasts. Low self esteem, and as freemattpodcast stated on another comment “I also think she has made a habit of being unhappy/unfulfilled.” has summed it up in a nutshell.


  2. DR, thanks man, that really is a good idea. Can you order one for me, get a bulk discount? I’m thinking that poor Cederq is out of luck, the only demand for a Hillary doll being for tomahawk throwers.


  3. I want a Phil doll, no pouty lips thank you…So he can work on my pick up and my camper then I can switch him off and stuff him into a closet until I need some more repair work.


  4. Cederq, the Phil version, does it come with a volume control for all it’s inbuilt cursing? Asking for the churchie lady next door. Mind you, a robo-Phil would be amusing if you could download various cuss words or phrases for it, in case of an hydraulic-fluid sacrifice. “Tarnation, gee-willickers!”


    • Cursing is a feature, not a bug. If every third word out a a Phil-bot or the original I would think the diagnostic sub-routine would shut him down and be blinking a check engine light code…


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