Yeah Sure.

If he was that stupid he wouldn’t know you were actually supposed to put something in there.

I will never forget the guy who came into the shop after he had poured a quart of oil into his windshield washer fluid reservoir and wanted us to clean it out.

I opened the hood, took one look and told the guy it would be cheaper for him to buy a new one and have me put it in for him.

He declined that so I spent three hours at a $90 an hour labor rate cleaning it out and flushing the lines. It was a mess and the plastic reservoir had an offset filler neck so I couldn’t get anything down into the bottom corners to wipe it out. Fill it with hot soapy water,close the lid, shake it up, dump it out and repeat over and over and over again. It wound up costing him twice as much as a new reservoir plus installation would have.

Come see us again soon, moron.

13 thoughts on “Yeah Sure.

  1. No doubt an exceptional product of the higher education facilities, Possibly a graduate with at least a masters…. Went with a woman for a short time that had never changed the oil in her car, thought all you do is add when it’s low… A product of a blue city…….


  2. I have thought for years that the public schools would do a great service to our children if they instituted a class that taught things like, checking engine oil, how to change a tire, checking tire pressure, etc.


    • Dad taught us how to do that at 6 yrs old. At 7 were were tearing down our Schwinns for PM including the rear hub brake.
      Nuthin personal but I think public schools would do us a great service if they closed down in favor of locally owned and managed schools.


    • They used to, when I was going through HS in the 60’s-70’s, it was called Powderpuff Mechanics. They taught the basics.
      Of course, ALL of my kids have changed oil, tires, batteries, even brakes – with ME watching. They were glad I put them through it.
      Hey, today my daughter (she’s 40 now!) and i changed the starter in her Saturn SC-1. She originally started it, but I had to step in when I saw that it was a pluperfect bitch to change. She was assisting me, though. She was a real trooper, even when she drew blood. I always tell my kids (and my wife unit) that the Automotive GZods *always* demand at least one blood sacrifice when you do major work on ANY complex vehicle. Even motorcycles…


  3. We came across a young woman in a new Honda on a Washington beach, who had dug the thing down to the frame in the sand. There was a tow nearby, with a flat $100 rate for dumbasses. She refused to pay, and asked me to pull her out. Nope. I did loan another guy with a pecker extender a strap, he hooked it up, and tore the entire rear suspension out of the car. Retrieved my strap, and drove off. This was a brand new car, and she probably had tow service on her insurance. She still payed the $100, plus an easy two grand extra for damages. And of course, it was somebody elses fault.

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  4. If your ‘puter can display the digit 4, like an upside-down ‘h’, you’d get 710 77345, or ShELL OIL. Yeah, I know, but it’s not my fault, I hurt too much to be able to sleep.


  5. My dad told me a story about a start-up he did at a factory. I forgot the model
    line but it was a large six-cylinder W Quincy air compressor with two cylinders
    per bank with two high-pressure cylinders in the middle. At one end it had a
    fan and an air over air intercooler. Some dipshit maintenance man thought it
    was a radiator and filled it with water after removing a pipe plug. Everything
    seemed fine until the start button was pushed. This was not a garage air
    compressor, it was powered by a 100 HP motor. The 4 low-pressure cylinders
    started to pump air through the intercooler which caused the high- pressure
    cylinders to hydraulic. That caused the cylinder base flanges to break off
    and start to do the Watusi!

    Quincy did not honor their warranty on this one.


  6. Ha!
    Just like the time (when I was young) I decided that anti-freeze would help in my window pissers during winter..
    Yeah, don’t do that.


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