“This Isn’t Seattle” The Seattle Police Department and WA State Patrol just arrested EVERY single Car Brigade Driver from the EveryDay Morning March

Fuckin’ hilarity!

I guess protesting on the freeways isn’t going to be tolerated anymore.

Even better, all the people that got arrested had their vehicles towed and impounded.

“This isn’t Seattle, you’ll learn”.

I’m still laughing.

23 thoughts on ““This Isn’t Seattle” The Seattle Police Department and WA State Patrol just arrested EVERY single Car Brigade Driver from the EveryDay Morning March

  1. If these commie thugs have to take a financial every time they come out to
    play it might have an effect. Something is happening here and I think I
    know what it is. Trump deputized all state police officers so that if one
    is injured or killed, the attacker faces harsh federal sentences. Maybe
    the cops are finally rebelling against the commie overlords. I doubt Inslee
    would do this on his own and maybe Trump’s threats to defund these
    states finally got to him. Something has changed.

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  2. If it was on an Interstate, its supported by Fed funds, and could be federal offenses, due to restricting\impeding intestate commerce. It would be an interesting precedent…
    Sweet Mana of Justice, their tears are sweet.
    If they arrested them, and take them to US District court, instead of the local goat-fuck-o-rama, they are truly LOLGF…

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  3. Leonard is correct. The Trump administration has deployed the US Marshals service. They are deputising state police. This means the police then act under their direction not the governors and in a federal capacity. It also means that attacking them is a federal crime not state.

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  4. First question, are you deaf? No, then you are under arrest 1 Attempt to resist you get your ass beat and hauled away. A few of those and they scatter like roaches.


  5. These snowflakes think they have a hard time getting a good job now, just wait until this creates an arrest/criminal record to follow them around for the rest of their lives.


    • I don’t think these people worry about jobs. There’s a whole culture in Seattle of people who live off handouts from various well-meaning, but stupid, aid programs. Remember how they begged for food handouts at the CHAZ, but specified they only wanted vegan this and soy that? These are not people used to living by their wits.
      I knew a guy in highschool who ran away to Seattle. He was living in a flop with some scumbags who taught him how to go to different freebies during the week, which clinics gave out free condoms, and the fine arts of living as a drug dealing grifter.
      I had a buddy who went to school in Seattle and told me he was paid $8 an hour as a protester at Hanford nuclear site. He was handed a sign, a bag lunch, and paid every day for showing up. (One more reason never to trust leftwing protesters. It’s a sham.)
      And Tim Pool tells stories on youboob about how all the snowflakes he used to know in Seattle knew which foodbanks gave away food on which days, so you always knew where you needed to go every day for free food. SO they have no worries about food bills.


  6. The deputizing of the state, county, and local police by US Marshals bring them under the protection of the Marshal’s Act – Just to put this out there – if you are injured resisting an arrest by – or injured interfering with the duties of a US Marshal you have NO recourse – If you are shot and or otherwise killed by a US Marshal – Again, Your survivors have NO recourse . none whatsoever. And as a side note to this – a US Marshal can call on US Military troops who become deputized US Marshals as soon as their boots hit the ground . . . Got Popcorn??


  7. As a retired firefighter of 33 years. I have been on calls were a child died because of protesters blocking traffic. Wondering how many times that is going to happen in the future.?


  8. I always love how blacks somehow assume they’re the greatest legal mind since Clarence Darrow. Every video of a black interacting with a cop, eventually they’re mouthing off with a line of imaginary rights, fictional laws, and police procedures they heard about on TV or Reddit or wherever blacks “learn” things. And they look like total retards every single time.

    For all the complaints blacks have about the cops always hassling them and arresting them, you would think they would have figure out how to deal with a traffic stop by now.

    They could learn a lot from Chris Rock’s How not to get your ass kicked by the police. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj0mtxXEGE8&pp=QAA%3D


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