14 thoughts on “The Rumors Begin

  1. The man has medical problems that make him unfit to be in office, this entire year has been a charade of him being fit for office, we that comment here know this, so the “breaking news” is a joke. The question now is, who will be picked? will knee pads get “demoted”? will killery be the veep select? we will find out soon enough.


    • So starts the Bait-and-Switch. Dems are going to wind up running two candidates that nobody voted for.

      Just as was prophesied by us deplorables when Joe broke out of the pack last spring.


      • And Coach Soros has called in a replacement, and it’s, it’s, it’s THE MOOCH! The crowd goes WILD! Look, she swings (hey, lady, tuck it back up) and…


      • The bait and switch tactic is much more likely to fail this late in the
        game. Both parties have contingency plans for this and the result
        will be chaotic. The Demo☭rats plan is to cheat via mail-in ballots
        and other voter fraud tactics. If the plan is to have Biden step down
        ahead of the election, tens of millions of ballots that have already
        been cast for Biden by early voting and mail-in ballots, they will
        not be counted, This is a losing strategy.

        Unless you have been vacationing on Pluto for the past 8 months
        you know that the Demo☭rats have hired an army of lawyers to
        challenge every close race like Florida in 2000. I would not put
        past the Demo☭rats to challenge the results in states that Trump
        wins in a landslide.

        There are only 41 days from November 3 to December 14. If
        the Demo☭rats attempt to win this election in the courts and
        they blow past the December 14 deadline they are going to
        be fucked like a goat in the Middle East. 48 of the 50 states
        have a winner take all rules. If the election has not been
        determined by December 14, the electors in Republican
        districts are allowed to go rogue and head to Washington.

        This will result in an electoral landslide for Trump. That means
        that in the Rust Belt and coal states if the electors are free to
        go rogue, Trump wins in a landslide!


  2. I figured they’d do it at their convention, vote by acclamation, and preserve a modicum of propriety. I do t expect Harris to be retained…that trial balloon hasn’t flown well.


  3. If it’s real, and I doubt that, it’s just a probe to test the waters to judge the response; data returned will determine the severity level required for the “illness” and the schedule for confirming it.

    If they do dump him before the election they’ll need to either find a replacement or bump Queen Kalulu up the ticket and roll in a new VP voice.


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