Just A Helpful Tip

You know, for those “Self Defense ” purposes.

A sock covered baseball bat is a really effective home defense weapon. If they grab the bat, the sock will make the bat slip out of their grasp and you can continue beating them until their brains are leaking out of their ears.

Make sure to pass this along to all your loved ones.

Except that shady fucking cousin who does all the Meth.

He can find out the hard way.

14 thoughts on “Just A Helpful Tip

  1. Used to always have an aluminum baseball bat in the back seat, until I decided it was too obvious. Now it’s my golf clubs and a 4-cell flashlight.


  2. Always remember to store the baseball bat in a location where it’s handy, but out of sight. And, wherever you keep the bat keep a baseball glove and baseball with it. That way, later when you’re talking with the investigating officer who is considering charging you for using a weapon, your defence is that the bat was not a weapon, it was simply the first thing that came to hand when you were forced to defend yourself.

    You’re welcome… šŸ˜‰


  3. I’m a firm believer in Mr. Pom (OC spray), Mr. Ruger, and Mr. Mossberg for assistance in a melee…

    Always carry extra OC spray, I find that 5 is not too bulky.


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