Common Core Math Strikes Again

The ad was kind of small so I had to do a double take at first.

Harbor Freight no less.

Lets see here, they want $164.99 for the case, tell you flat out that a comparable Pelican case is $148 but somehow you are magically saving $34 by buying theirs.

My math says the Pelican is $16.99 cheaper.

I have no idea where the $34 is coming from.

I think I’ll pass on this “deal”.

5 thoughts on “Common Core Math Strikes Again

      • Gee Phil, you’re a bit of a tightarse. That’s awful cheap for a guncase, shotgun, rifle and 2 pistols! I don’t see the usual disclaimer “does not include…”, hit ’em up for some free guns.


  1. Harbor Freight’s “customer rated” stars make me laugh. Item rated 4 1/2 stars and once at the store I see it’s maybe a 2. Kinda like picking up chicks at the bar.


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