5 thoughts on “Let’s All Sing Along!

  1. Mr Leonard come up with the best shit ever! I wonder what he does in his spare time… some of the words were hard to understand, Mr Leonard, you have the lyrics?


  2. The Democrats are still shitting in their mess kits. They cannot stop the Blexit
    movement. Back in 1992, I discovered the Democrat party is made of a coalition
    of mostly victim groups. If they lose 10 percent above historical averages, they
    will cease to exist as a national political party. Trump got 8 percent of the black
    vote in 2016. Today Trump’s approval with blacks is 24 percent. Trump got
    11 percent of the Hispanic vote. Today Hispanic approval for Trump is 30 percent
    and he got a huge chunk of private-sector union voters. Trump brought back jobs.

    My prediction was that if just three of these constituencies by 10 percent of the
    historical averages, the Democrat party would be fucked!

    Here is a video I just found:

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