11 thoughts on “I’m Still Looking For This Guy

  1. I spent 30 years renovating a century old house, and the dilemma with any given project was “Where do you stop tearing out old crap to start patching on something new?” I always used to joke that my sweat equity was worth about $0.50 an hour for my time. When we finally sold the place it turned out to be a fair bit better than that, but I never attempted to log my time so I’ll never know exactly.


    • Yep – you do three times the work. First, rip out the crap, THEN you discover more crap. Then you spend time, material and effort shoring up the structure so it doesn’t collapse, then you start putting back good material.

      After that little Reindeer games routine, you lie in bed in the nameless hour between midnight and dawn thinking “What if I missed some rot and decay?”.

      It is easier to build from new, at times.


  2. Bet there is nothing connected behind it. Some idiot made a hole and just covered it up with the “patch”.

    That does look like a shower stall wall tho’, so who knows, might just have wanted to knock off his now ex..


  3. Ever had a baby squirrel in your wall exit around a poorly-attached outlet plate? Or maybe the toddler got his hands on the battery powered drill.


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