A Most Astute Observation.

Seen over at WRSA and I personally nominate this for the quote of the week.

If a majority of the cops decided to call in sick or take some vacation all at once this could get wrapped up in a hurry.

Personally, I think that at the rate things are going pretty soon it isn’t going to matter if the police are there or not. Get out of the way or join them, either way they are going to start becoming Good Commies in large numbers here real quick.

Useful idiots like Portland Mayor Pencil Neck are already finding out that this whole time they thought they were being so clever that they were actually playing with fire instead and are now finding out that their usefulness has come to an end.

Frankenstein’s Monster is out and about and living large.

I think Governess Brown is in a meeting having the same news broken to her at this very moment.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes honey.

It’s really too bad none of you fucking Leftists paid any attention the evolving history of Communism.

I guess you will just have to learn the hard way.

10 thoughts on “A Most Astute Observation.

  1. When the SHTF, the pussies of PantyFa and Burn, Loot & Murder will run and try to blend back into the shitholes from whence they came. Fortunately (for us), they’ve posted their violent, unlawful acts all over the place, so they should be able to be tracked down and brought to justice. Whichever form of justice that is remains to be seen. IMHO, insurrection and treason should be met with the ultimate punishment, but that’s just me.


  2. At One of the last Portland rallies One ANTIFA bitch commented that the police just stood there while the proud boys educated some ANTiFA IDIOTS. So it is starting and after the lelction which ver way it goes it will escalte.


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