Thinning The “People Are Stupid” File

I freakin’ love this one.

“I used to be in a sales role. One of my customers was a milk bottling plant. I was somewhat surprised that they were putting the exact same milk in both organic and non-organic cartons. Turns out all of their milk is organic, but in order to not miss out on the sales of non-organic milk, they just bottle them differently and sell them at different prices. “


As long as I live I will never forget the time back in the mid 90’s when all this Organic/Free Range horseshit started and I went into a Safeway over in Washougal Wa. to do my grocery shopping. After wandering around picking up what I needed, I strolled through the Meat Dept and while deciding what I wanted, saw this scrawny little chicken all wrapped up in a different color wrap than the rest, sitting all by its self on a rack in the meat department.

Out of curiosity I rolled my cart over to take a looksee and was frikkin’ flabbergasted when I saw the price tag of $17 for this scrawny looking little whole chicken!

This was in like, 1995 or 96. Even today I wouldn’t pay that much for a fucking chicken.

I looked a little closer and saw that now famous bullshit about it being Free Range and Organic.

A couple feet over, a regular whole chicken was like under $5 back then.

I laughed my ass off that some gullible fucking idiot was going to pay 3 times the price for this chicken because of the advertising but I also never forgot that.

The term Virtue Signalling hadn’t been coined at that time but it would have fit perfectly.

Now days, because they don’t teach that shit in schools anymore and because good little Marxists need only rely on the government for any caloric needs they may have, people don’t have the slightest clue where their food actually comes from or what it takes to produce it.

All they know is that steaks and hamburger magically appear every day and eggs come in convenient little cartons.

Salads come pre- made in a bag and Oreo cookies are a food group.

It’s absolutely pathetic and a built in Kill Switch at the same time.

But hey, they can feel good about themselves because some slick advertising outfit says it’s the right way to live.

17 thoughts on “Thinning The “People Are Stupid” File

  1. My understanding of organic milk (from a 4th generation Vermont dairy farmer) is that the bacteria count limit allowable is much higher than for normal non-organic milk. Bottling organic milk as non-organic should be prosecutible as fraud.


  2. There used to be a chain of “natural food” groceries in Massachusetts called “Bread and Circus”. The customers were 90%+ scrawny, sickly-looking white progressives, most with frizzy hair. All I could conclude was that eating “organic health food” made you look like shit. Also, those people would leave their shopping carts blocking the entire aisle while they wandered around. Idiots.

    We used to go in every few months, just to people watch. It was like a trip to the zoo, only free.


  3. I used to stop off at Whole Foods on my way home from work. I know that their
    hot table take home food was expensive, but it was too convenient. There were
    basically three categories of customers. Yuppies who are complete assholes,
    the elderly blue-haired members of the Woodstock Generation, and the thin
    as a rail pale and emaciated vegan zombies. I, being a turd in the punchbowl,
    would wear my favorite T-shirt. It was black with a cartoon image of a cow
    and text that said:

    P eople
    E attng
    T asty
    A nimals.

    Surprisingly, the Woodstock geezers with their blue hair, earrings, peasant dresses
    were some of the nicest and polite people you would ever meet.


  4. Here is the sad thing. There are lots of videos out there that show just how terrible the animals are kept and treated. CAFOS, cages so small a chicken can’t turn around in, chicken barns, etc. Your best bet is to find and support local farmers who treat their animals and customers right. If you find the right farmer I can guarantee a higher quality food at a reasonable price. For example, I buy a quarter cow twice a year. I pay the farmer $2.50 a lb., and I pay the processor .55 a lb and it’s some of the best quality beef you could want. I can damn well guarantee it’s “organic” he just doesn’t pay to be able to label it as such.


  5. Years ago was on a run with the wife to the local nursery for some landscaping stuff. Walked by a pallet of bags marked “100% steer manure”. I pointed and said just loud enough for folks to hear, “Bullshit!”. Never was invited back. And yeah, I grew up on a cattle ranch.


    • The only time I ever bought chickenshit in a bag was back in the bad old days, trying to grow dope in a basement under lights. Now that it’s legal, at least in my state, takes half the fun out of it. And all I can say to the legalization movement is meh, you’re about forty years too late for me.


  6. Everything you eat or drink is “organic.” Unless, you are into eating synthetic chemicals and solids. Like everything else, some marketer came up with that idea to fleece more money out of what WC Fields penned, “A sucker born every minute.” Buying produce from a farm does taste better and better for you due to less handling, shipping and chemical use. I would rather buy direct from a farmer then safeway or walliemart.


    • Cederq, I’ve pissed off people by arguing that everything you eat is GMO. That’s what selective breeding is and we’ve been doing it for thousands of years. It’s just a lot slower than gene splicing.

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      • Spot on Greg! I remember reading all those horror stories about
        “Frankenfoods” where they were telling people that human genes
        were being spliced onto the ears of corn. That is a scientific
        impossibility. If a dog and a cat get it on the result is nothing
        because they are not genetically compatible. Case in point,
        The Dutch used selective breeding to create an orange
        carrot. This is their national color and the original color was
        purple and they did this more than 500 years ago.

        Another case is the chili pepper. Not that long ago the
        Habanero was the king of the hill at 100,000-350,000 SHU.
        Several hotter transitional species later the Carolina Reaper
        tops out at 2,300,0000.

        We know that “organic” is bullshit, but it took me some time
        to figure this out. I saw gluten-free labels on half the items
        on the grocery store shelves. I knew there was a condition
        called Celiac disease but is extremely rare. I could not
        figure out why corn tortillas, refried beans, and rice had
        Gluten-free labels. It all came together when I heard an
        interview between a doctor and a radio talk show host.

        Back in the old days, fat housewives were given a prescription
        for Bennies and sent on their way. “Gluten intolerance” is a
        bullshit diagnosis designed to get fat chicks out of their
        offices. Most of the fat chicks in America are so gullible they
        are eating shit that tastes like cardboard!


  7. The people/groups who push this crap, fail to understand two things. First, everything we eat is organic. If it weren’t, then it would be inorganic and we couldn’t eat it. Second, the production of “organic” food takes twice the resources and labour to produce fifty percent less product. Considering that the world’s population is around 7.3 billion and growing, one question the do-gooders who push this crap will have to answer is: who eats and who starves?


  8. Years back I stopped at this roadside stand that had a sign saying “Free range eggs”. I didn’t know what a range egg was but hey, if they’re free. Turns out they weren’t free after all.


  9. Hey Phil, don’t you be hating on Oreos. As far as murder inducing design goes, the winners are the Germans. Ever take a Mercedes, Audi or BMW apart, just to change a starter?


    Sold the Sprite yet? I just saw that the Sprite was a big article in the first Issue of Car and Driver.


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