The Statue And Monument Removal Movement Reaches and Overshoots Peak Ridiculousness, Jumps A Shark On The Way Back Into Low Earth Orbit

I’m not even going to put up a link to these complete fucking morons but there is some “Panel” in Washington D.C who has collectively released their opinion that “We” should “Move” the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and several other prominent Washington D.C. monuments and landmarks because they are tainted with slavery.

Just let that sink in for a minute, really sink in.

These brain dead cretins very obviously have absolutely no fucking clue of what they are actually suggesting.

The logistics alone boggle the mind, let alone the costs that would be involved.

It would quite literally take YEARS AND YEARS to move EVEN ONE of these huge structures and then there is the not so insignificant question of just exactly WHERE they would theoretically be moved TO.

They don’t seem to grasp that you don’t just back a U-Haul trailer up to one of these massive stone monuments and then haul ass like there is a lawn mower in the back.

Total disassembly, massive heavy equipment, traffic disruptions, haul giant stones one or two at a time on flat bed trailers to another site and the PUT IT ALL BACK TOGETHER!

Whoever these “Woke” imbeciles are, they should now retreat back into whatever little shithole of a conference room from whence they came and lock themselves in, never to be seen or heard from again.

The absolute naked idiocy on display here is tantamount to very public mental masturbation and should be richly rewarded as such except in this case they are actually getting PAID for it already!

18 thoughts on “The Statue And Monument Removal Movement Reaches and Overshoots Peak Ridiculousness, Jumps A Shark On The Way Back Into Low Earth Orbit

  1. One has to hope saner heads and minds prevail! Everything has been tainted by slavery, it was a default setting for longer then modern peoples have been around. I would like to do a genealogy background on these asswipes, I bet we find they had ancestors that were slave owners… We know of at least one and she still benefits from it.


  2. Just wait until they want to move the Lincoln Memorial, because he was a REPUBLICAN.

    (And don’t buy that “Republicans and Democrats swapped roles” bullshit for a minute.)


  3. Wow, you tool-junkies and other conservative Americans have very restrained trigger fingers. It seems that the majority of academics, politicians and their backers need to try some hemp, not smoking it, rather, but swinging from it!


      • Then I’m glad you got your guns sighted in, and had some trigger time. It’s a skill set that degrades quickly without frequent training.


  4. These idiots are shitting in their mess kits. Trump and the GOP are crushing
    Alzheimer’s Joe and the Democrats on the issue of the economy. The S&P
    and Nasdaq have exceeded their pre-COVID all-time highs. The DJIA is only
    663 point short of their pre-COVID all-time high. After more than 4 years of
    Orange Man is a racist, traitor, a Russia and Ukraine colluder, his wife being
    called a whore, calling his youngest son a retard, and claiming he had sex
    daughter ad infinitum, his approval rating is in the same range as the day he
    was sworn in.

    They politicized a fucking virus. Their governors and mayors are intentionally
    attempting to tank the economy and they let loose their Marxist flying monkeys
    in cities all across America in an attempt to destroy him. Nothing they did has
    worked. In fact, Creepy Joe’s numbers are falling like a rock. Riddle me this
    Batman, if Biden’s numbers are falling, why is Trump’s approval ratings not
    rising? Every left-leaning polling group stopped taking polls the day after
    day one of the Republican National Convention.

    I am going to be slurping Margaritas and munching popcorn on November 3
    as I watch Joe Biden get his ass stomped like a Narc at a biker rally. Biden
    is in a lose-lose situation. If he debates Trump, he is toast and if he doesn’t
    he is toast. His cognitive issues started more than twenty years ago.


  5. I think it assumed wrongly that they give a flying flip if the memorials were properly dismantled and reassembled elsewhere. I think they would love to watch them fall with the same delight of a mischievous six year old who just discovered a box of matches.


  6. I think, the moment they attempted such a ludicrous move as to even touch one of those monuments, the “silent majority” of Americans, including myself, would head to the capital with our arms and put an end to such stupidity. I think, that would be the thing that starts something we all do not want but are willing to do to save our Republic.


  7. I don’t know if any of you ever read Takismag online. It’s free. In one article he talks about being back home it Greece where, despite every single build of historical significance being built by slaves, the people refuse to indulge in this bullshit. Worth a read.


  8. They are illiterate, ignorant, imbecilic morons, and they breed. Unfortunately.
    (Sorry for the repetition, I could have simply called them Dumbocrats or even Useful Idiots, couldn’t I have?)


    • I hope you’ve still got the brass buttplate on your .303 rifle, egorr? You may feel like checking that your scope mount is still secure, by butt-stroking those leftie idiots. If they survive, they’ll need their parents’ medical insurance for the dentist’s bill.


      • I do indeed, mate, and thanks for the testing suggestion. It’s a two-fer!

        (Translation for you Down Unders: a two-fer means you get two items/actions/results for the price/action of one.)


  9. I would sure like to see a group photo of the esteemed committee that decided which monuments/memorials should be tampered with. I am sure it must represent a distinct cross section of our society/s!


  10. They do NOT want to “move” them…..their goal is to REMOVE them….. permanently. The lies about “moving” them are exactly that….lies.


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